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Wed 17 Mar 1993

Confs: Machine Transaltion and the Lexicon

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  1. Hubert Lehmann, EAMT Workshop

Message 1: EAMT Workshop

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 93 18:48:52 CEEAMT Workshop
From: Hubert Lehmann <LEHDHDIBM1.bitnet>
Subject: EAMT Workshop

 Machine Translation and the Lexicon

 International Workshop of the
 European Association for Machine Translation
 Heidelberg, 26 - 28 April, 1993

 It is widely acknowledged that the availibilty of large-
 scale detailed lexical knowledge is a prerequisite for the
 robustness and acceptance of machine translation systems.
 However, many questions still have to be solved before the
 lexical bottleneck becomes a problem of the past. At
 present, the following topics seem to be most pressing:

 o types of lexical information required for MT
 o representation of lexical information: levels required
 and their interaction among each other and with other
 o organization and maintenance of lexical knowledge -
 lexical databases and lexical knowledge bases
 o acquisition of lexical information:
 - acquisition from machine-readable conventional
 - acquisition from corpora
 - manual preparation of lexical information
 o reusability of lexical information

 On behalf of the European Association for Machine
 Translation, the Institute for Knowledge-Based Systems of
 the IBM Germany Scientific Center in cooperation with Dr.
 Ulrike Schwall, Provisional Committee Member of EAMT/Siemens
 Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG is currently organizing a
 three-day workshop which is intended as a forum for
 presenting and discussing ideas and experiences on all of
 the above-named aspects.

 The workshop will be organized in three sessions:

 1. Types and representation of lexical information
 2. Acquisition, organisation, and maintenance of lexical in-
 3. Lexical and terminological resources

 Each day will include six slots for presentations consisting
 of a 30 minute talk plus a 10 minute discussion. In addi-
 tion, we plan to have demonstrations of MT systems,
 linguistic resources and lexicon-related tools.

 The following speakers will contribute to the workshop by
 presenting a lecture:
 Nicoletta Calzolari, Ulrich Heid, Joerg Schuetz, Christa
 Hauenschild, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Nicholas Ostler, Folker
 Caroli, Brigitte Blaeser, Ulrike Schwall, Angelika Storrer,
 Nancy Ide, Renate Mayer, Antonius van Hoof, Jean Veronis,
 Wilhelm Daelemans, Katharina Koch, Khurshid Ahma, Paul
 Procter, Cay-Holger Stoll, Michael Anobile, Patrick

 The workshop will take place in the new building of the IBM
 Germany Scientific Center in Heidelberg. It will also offer
 the possibility of exhibiting information on current
 projects and activities.

 It is planned to publish the talks later this year by
 Springer publishing house, Heidelberg.

 The number of participants is limited; those who register
 first will be considered first.

 Contact address:

 Petra Steffens
 Market Introduction
 of Language Technology
 IBM Germany Scientific Center
 Vangerowstr. 18
 D-6900 Heidelberg
 Tel.: +49 6221 594355
 Fax: +49 6221 593400
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