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Fri 19 Mar 1993

Confs: Cognitive Phonology, French Phonology

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  1. , Workshop on cognitive phonology
  2. Anne Lindebjerg, French Phonology

Message 1: Workshop on cognitive phonology

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 13:16:05 Workshop on cognitive phonology
From: <>
Subject: Workshop on cognitive phonology

 MANCHESTER 20-22 MAY 1993

The North-West Centre for Romance Linguistics
(NWCRL) is a joint venture between the University of
Manchester, the Manchester Metropolitan University, the
University of Salford and UMIST. The Centre has several
aims. Its immediate goal can be described as promoting
and disseminating research in the Romance Languages in
the North-West of England. But, research in the Romance
area cannot be divorced from our understanding of
language in general. It is therefore the aim of the Centre
to stimulate research in all facets of Linguistics and
encourage work on the Romance languages as a way of
(in)validating linguistic hypotheses. One of the aims of the
NWCRL is also to forge links between researchers in the
North-West of England and scholars in the Romance-
speaking countries. The Centre organises regular
conferences and workshops on a variety of themes. On 20-
22 May 1993, there will be a workshop on 'Cognitive
Phonology' at the University of Manchester (organisers
Jacques Durand and Nigel Vincent).

The Workshop on Cognitive Phonology will provide a
forum for phonologists, phoneticians, psychologists,
computational linguists, and all linguists interested both in
exploring current models of phonological description and
in understanding the psychological implications of such
work. The idea of looking at phonology from a cognitive
standpoint is not new. One need only think of the seminal
work of Roman Jakobson who stressed the importance of
work on neurology, clinical linguistics, language
acquisition, etc, in the construction of a theory of sound-
structure. The organisers welcome papers on themes such
as the following: the relationship between phonological
constructs and phonetic theory; the nature of phonological
primitives; the relevance of clinical linguistics for testing
linguistic hypotheses; the link between psychological
theories and theories of phonological structure. The
workshop is also intended to provide a platform for young
researchers in phonology who are testing recent models of
linguistic description.

The Conference will take place in the University of
Manchester, under the auspices of the Department of
Linguistics and Phonetics (Thursday 20 May lunchtime -
Saturday 22 May, lunchtime). Speakers will include: John
Anderson (Edinburgh), Jean-Luc Azra (Paris), Martin
Barry (Manchester), Wiebke Brockhaus (Huddersfield),
Ren e B land and Carole Paradis (Laval), Gerry Docherty
(Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Jacques Durand (Salford), John
Harris (London), Daniel Hirst (Aix-en-Provence), Marc
Klein (Paris), Francis Nolan (Cambridge), Geoff Lindsey
(Edinburgh), Andrew Spencer (Essex) and Sue Barry
(Manchester). The meeting will start with a seminar on
'Connectionism and Phonological Theory' by Bernard
Laks of the University of Paris VIII.

For further information please contact: Prof Jacques Durand (Dept of
Modern Languages,
University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT, Tel: 061-745 5193).
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Message 2: French Phonology

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1993 15:28:07 French Phonology
From: Anne Lindebjerg <>
Subject: French Phonology

FRENCH PHONOLOGY WORKSHOP, Aix-en-Provence, Sept. 16-17 1993

The (British) Association of French Language Studies is planning to hold
its annual meeting in Aix-en-Provence in September 15-19.
The topic for the conference will be:
'Le francais langue etrangere'
Among other workshops, there will be one on Phonology organized by J.
Durand, B. Laks, C. Lyche.
All researchers who wish to present papers are invited to submit titles and
abstract as soon as possible, but no later than May 15.

Correspondence for the phonology workshop should be addressed to:
Chantal Lyche
p.b. 1032
0315 Oslo

tel. 22856355
fax: 22854367

Correspondence for the main conference should be addressed to:
Richard Towell
Dept. of Modern Languages
University of Salford
Salford M5 4WT (UK)
tel.: 44 61 745 5648

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