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Sum: Navaho Phonetics & Phonology

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  1. , References on Navajo Phonetics and Phonology

Message 1: References on Navajo Phonetics and Phonology

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 14:21:28 -0References on Navajo Phonetics and Phonology
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Subject: References on Navajo Phonetics and Phonology

Here is a summary of the bibliographic information I received with
regards to work on Navajo phonology and phonetics. I also include more
general works that deal with phonology/phonetics among other things.
Thanks to the many people who responded, and whom I list at the end. I
didn't include everything people sent me in this list, so I hope no
one feels offended by an omission: you may put it down to my possibly
poor judgment about what is relevant to my immediate interests.


Faltz, Leonard. The Navajo Verb (tentative title?). ms. Arizona State

Fernald, Ted. A Level Ordering Account of Navajo Inflection. ms.

Files, John. 1993. Analysis of tone in Navajo verbs. UTx Ms.

Kari, James M. 1976. Navajo Verb Prefix
Phonology. Garland.

McDonough, Joyce M. 1993. Epenthesis in Navajo. UCLA Phonetics Lab ms.
--. 1990. Topics in the Phonology and morphology of Navajo verbs. U Mass
--. 1993. The bipartite structure of the Navajo verb. MS, UCLA.
----, and Peter Ladefoged. "Navajo vowels and universal phonetic
 tendencies. UCLA corking Papers in Phonetics, Fieldwork
 studies of targeted lgs, v. 84.
----, and Peter Ladefoged. 1993. Navajo Stops.
--. Navajo glides and fricatives. IJAL, submitted.

Parr, Richard T. Bibliography of Athapaskan languages. National
Museums of Canada, Mercury serios. Ethnology Division Paper No. 14.

Young, Robert W. and Morgan, William Sr.
The Navajo Language: A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary
University of New Mexico Press
1987 (ISBN 0-8263-1014-1)

Young, R. & Morgan, W. 1992. An analytic lexicon of Navajo. U NM P.


Thanks to:

Glenn Ayres, Peter Bakker, James Cathey, Leonard Faltz, John Files,
Jorge Hankamer, John Koontz, Patrick Maun, Joyce McDonough, Peggy
Speas, Gregory Ward, Tony Woodbury.

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