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Mon 18 Jan 1993

Sum: Contrastive Grammars of English and German

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  1. , Summary: contrastive grammars of English and German

Message 1: Summary: contrastive grammars of English and German

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 93 10:06:09 GMSummary: contrastive grammars of English and German
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Subject: Summary: contrastive grammars of English and German

Many thanks to Wayles Browne <JN5Jedu.cornell.cit.CORNELLA>, Robert Hoberman
<RHOBERMANedu.sunysb.ccmail>, And Rosta <>, ? <robert-> and C. Jan-Wouter Zwart <> for their

Here are the references I was sent:
Collinson, W.E. (1968) The German Language Today. 3rd edn. London: Hutchinson
University Library. (contains a great deal of comparison with English)
Hawkins, John A. (1986) A Comparative Typology of English and German. London:
Helm. (has a good bibliography)
Koenig, Ekkehard (1971). Adjectival Constructions in English and German.
(and various other works by him, some as part of the publications of a research
on contrastive grammar in Germany)
Kufner, Herbert L. (1962) The Grammatical Structures of English and German: a
Sketch. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

I also asked about English exclamatives in the same message, but only one person
suggest anything on that topic. He referred me to a fairly recent University of
 London PhD
thesis by Billy Clark and pointed out that potentially suitable corpora are
 available at
University College London.

Wiebke Brockhaus <>
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