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Tue 30 Mar 1993

Sum: Italian prosody

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  1. Elina Savino, Sum Italian prosody

Message 1: Sum Italian prosody

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 93 20:04:08 MESum Italian prosody
From: Elina Savino <REFICEVM.CSATA.IT>
Subject: Sum Italian prosody

A while ago I asked for references on Italian phonetics/phonology, with
special emphasis on prosody. I wish to thank Mario Saltarelli, Pier Marco
Bertinetto, Michael Picone, Christina Tortora, Lori Repetti and Christopher
Cieri for their help. Here is the list of the books/articles suggested

Saltarelli Mario (1970) "A Phonology of Italian in a Generative Grammar" (The
Hague Mouton) (not specifically on prosody).

Bertinetto Pier Marco (1981) "Strutture prosodiche dell'italiano" (Firenze Acca
demia della Crusca).

Nespor Marina & Vogel Irene (1986) "Prosodic Phonology" (Dordrecht Foris).

Chierchia, Gennaro (1986) "Length, Syllabification, and the Phonological Cycle
in Italian" Journal of Italian Linguistics 8: 5-33.

den Os, E. A. (1984) "Extrametricality..." in van den Broecke and Cohen
Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
(Dordrecht Foris) 499-503.

den Os and Kager (1986) "Extrametricality ..." Lingua 69: 23-48.

Sluyters, W. (1990) "Length and Stress..." Probus 2: 65-102.

Vogel and Scalise (1982) "Secondary Stress..." Lingua 58: 213-242.

Wanner, Dieter (1973) "Is stress..." in Issues in Linguistics 875-896.

A couple of papers by Lori Repetti have appeared most recently on Probus,
Rivista di Linguistica and Italica.

In relation more specifically to speech technology application, I can add
at least two papers to the list

Avesani C. (1990) "A contribution to the synthesis of Italian intonation",
Proceedings of the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing
(ICSLP '90), Kobe, Japan.

Quazza S. (1991) "Modelling Italian intonation in a text-to-speech system",
Eurospeech '91 Proceedings, Genova, Italy.

Finally, I was sent by Christopher Cieri a sample from the MLA Bibliography.
As it is a very big file (there are also many references on dialects), I will
send a copy on individual request.

Thank you again.

 Elina Savino
 University of Bari - ITALY
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