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Wed 31 Mar 1993

FYI: Corpus on CD-ROM: Call for Reviewers

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  1. Cliff Miller, Literary Corpus on CD-ROM

Message 1: Literary Corpus on CD-ROM

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 16:41:15 -0Literary Corpus on CD-ROM
From: Cliff Miller <>
Subject: Literary Corpus on CD-ROM

Masterpiece Library CD-ROM Project: Search for Reviewers

 A group of current and former graduate students and teachers
at the University of Utah have produced a CD-ROM called Masterpiece
Library which contains over 1300 pieces of classic literature from the
public domain. If you are interested in reviewing this CD-ROM, please
contact us for a free disc.

Brief Description:

 Masterpiece Library is a collection of 1338 pieces of public
domain literature and texts (the entire Bible, the Koran, Twain,
Thoreau, Whitman, complete Shakespeare, US govt docs such as the
Constitution, hundreds of Greek works, etc.) It has a comprehensive
indexing system of 175,000 words with browser and search interfaces
for both Macs and PCs. Its searching capabilities allow for AND/OR
searches of several words as well as complete phrases within the books
and the titles of the books.

 All of the classic works on our disc are in the public domain,
and in that spirit we'd like to offer the CD to the public at a
minimal cost. (We're planning to charge $39.95.) Anyone should be
able to use these works -- quote, copy, read for personal enjoyment or
research -- as freely as possible. Depending upon the feedback we
receive from the research community, we will consider enhancing the
searching capabilities to allow for more sophisticated linguistic
analysis of the corpus.

Contact Information:

Pacific HiTech
4530 Fortuna Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

email: 71175.3152CompuServe.COM
phone: 801-278-2042
fax: 801-278-2666
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