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Fri 02 Apr 1993

Confs: Chicago Linguistic Society 1993: Schedule

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  1. Chicago Linguistic Society, CLS 29: Schedule

Message 1: CLS 29: Schedule

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 93 16:40:48 CSTCLS 29: Schedule
From: Chicago Linguistic Society <>
Subject: CLS 29: Schedule

A file containing housing, transportation, registration information and a
full schedule for the 29th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic
Society is available on the Listserv. If you wish to get this file, send
the message:

get cls conf linguist

to the address: (Internet)

Questions can be addressed to



Thursday, 22 April 1993

 8:30 Registration

 9:00 Gregory D.S. Anderson Obligatory Double-Marking Morpho-
 University of Chicago syntactic Categories
 9:30 Maria Polinsky Intransitive Subject Inversion and
 Univ. of Couthern California Locative Inversion
10:00 Miriam Butt Object Specificity and Agreement in
 Stanford University Hindi/Urdu
10:30 Iwona Kraska-Szlenk Clitics Like to Sound Good: Evidence
 Michigan State University from Polish
11:00 Pilar Barbosa Clitic Placement in European Portuguese
 M.I.T. and the Position of Subjects
11:30 Richard D. Janda From Affix to Subject-Clitic: Nos-otros
 University of Chicago nos and -mos>-nos in regional Spanish

12:00 Lunch Break

 1:00 David Kathman Floating Grids and the Independence of
 University of Chicago Metrical Structure
 1:30 Draga Zec Conflicting Constraints in Pali Syllable
 Cornell University Structure
 2:00 Manuela Noske All Good Things Come in Threes
 University of Chicago
 2:30 Kevin Russell Morphemes as Constraints: The Case of
 Univ. of Southern California "Copy-Back" Reduplication
 3:00 Lise M. Dobrin Resolving Indeterminacy in Prosodic
 University of Chicago Morphology
 3:30 Bill Reynolds Trochaic Feet in the Morphology of a
 University of Pennsylvania Language with Unbounded Metrical Feet:
 The Case for Chuvash
 4:00 William F. Weigel Morphosyntactic Toggles
 Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley
 4:30 Laura J. Downing Unsyllabified Vowels in Aranda
 Univ. of British Columbia
 5:00 Abigail C. Cohn The Feature Lower Larynx: Consonant-
 Cornell University Vowel Interactions in Madurese

 5:30 Dinner Break

 7:00 Susan Strauss Why `this' and `that' are not Complete
 Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles Without `it'
 7:30 Limin Zheng Footing and Speaker Intention
 Georgetown University
 8:00 Michel Degraff & Debbie Why is My Old Friend Not Old?
 City University of New York
 8:30 Laurel Smith Stvan Activity Implicatures and Possessor
 Northwestern University Implicatures: What are Locations When
 There is no Article?
 9:00 Katsuhiko Yabushita Persistence, Not Weakness: A New
 Univ. of Texas at Austin Characterization of the Grammaticality
 of There-Sentences

Friday, 23 April 1993

 8:30 George Giannakis The Meaning and Usage of Indo-European
 Univ. of Calif at Los Angeles *dhe- `put; place; make'
 9:00 Eithne Guilfoyle Nonfinite Clauses in Modern Irish and
 University of Calgary Old English
 9:30 Whitney Tabor The Gradual Development of Degree Modifier
 Stanford University `sort of': A Corpus Proximity ModelA
10:00 Barbara Need & Eric Schiller Diachronic Explanation of Modern English
 University of Chicago Modals
10:30 Steve Peter Greenberg's Method of Mass Comparison and
 Harvard University the Genetic Classification of Languages
11:00 Hans Henrich Hock Swallow Tales: Chance and the "World
 University of Illinois at Etymology" maliq'a `throat, swallow'

12:00 Lunch Break

 1:00 Robert Belvin The two possessive have's are the Two
 Univ. of Southern California Causative have's
 1:30 Rakesh M. Bhatt Psyched Out -- Analysing Quirky
 University of Illinois at Constructions
 2:00 Paola Monachesi Restructuring Verbs in Italian HPSG
 Tilburg University Grammar
 2:30 Cathal Doherty The Syntax of Subject Contact Relatives
 Univ. of Calif at Santa Cruz
 3:00 Tista Bagchi Control, Reflexives, and Automodularity
 University of Chicago in Bangla Imperfective Participial
 3:30 Sungki Suh How to Process Constituent Structure in
 University of Maryland Head Final Languages: The Case in Korean
 4:00 Jerrold M. Sadock & Eric The Generalized Interface Principle
 University of Chicago


 4:30 Michael Silverstein Of Dynamos and Doorbells:
 University of Chicago Semiotic Modularity and the
 (Over)differentiation of Cognitive

5:30 Dinner Break

 7:00 Christopher J. Pinon Paths and Their Names
 Stanford University
 7:30 Lourdes de Leon Shape and Geometry in Tzotzil Locative
 Reed College Expressions
 8:00 James H-Y. Tai A Non-Objectivist of Jackendoff's
 Ohio State University Conceptual Semantics

 8:30 David Dowty Categorial Grammar, Reasoning, and
 Ohio State University Cognition: `Surface' Syntax as
 Conceptual Representation

Saturday, 24 April 1993

 9:00 Cheryl Fantuzzi Core Grammar and the Acquisition of
 Univ. of Calif at Los Angeles Verbal Aspect
 9:30 A.G. Blackschneider & M. Children's Acquisition of Lexical
 Schatz Domains
 University of Michigan
10:00 Heike Behrens The Relationship between Conceptual
 Max Planck Institute for and Linguistic Development: The Early
 Psycholinguistics Encoding of Past Reference by German
10:30 Kim Gillis & Cheryl Smith Cognition and the Use of Verbs in
 University of Vermont Productive Syntactic Frames

11:00 Lila Gleitman A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,
 University of Pennsylvania but That's the Trouble: Structural
 INVITED SPEAKER Supports for Vocabulary Acquisition

12:00 Lunch Break

 1:00 Minglang Zhou Iconicity and the Concept of Time:
 Michigan State University Evidence from Verb Reduplication in
 1:30 Inhee Jo Serialization and the Intensionality
 Ball State University of Event Individuation
 2:00 Catherine Harris Using Old Words in New Ways: The
 Boston University Affect of Argument Structure, Form
 Class, and Affixation
 2:30 Mutsumi Imai & Dedre Gentner Linguistic Relativity vs. Universal
 Northwestern University Ontology: Cross-Linguistic Studies
 of the Object/Substance Distinction
 3:00 Margaret Kimberly Kellogg Paraphasia and the Lexical Selection
 Univ. of Calif at San Diego of Nouns & Verbs: Evidence for the
 Conceptual Basis of Nominal and
 Verbal Grammatical Categories
 3:30 Jill P. Morford, Jenny L. The Role of Iconicity in Manual
 Singleton & Susan Goldin-Meadow Communication
 University of Chicago

 4:00 Lawrence W. Barsalou, Wenchi Concepts and Meaning
 Yen, Barbara Luka, Karen
 Olseth, Kelly Mix, and Ling-
 Ling Wu
 University of Chicago

 5:00 Dinner Break

 6:30 Barbara Abbott Some Remarks on a Causal Theory of
 Michigan State University Word Meaning
 7:00 Karen van Hoeck Conceptual Connectivity and
 University of Michigan Constraints on Anaphors
 7:30 Jan Nuyts From Language to Conceptualization:
 Univ. Instelling Antwerpen The Case of Epistemic Modality

 8:00 George Lakoff The Structure of the Conceptual
 Univ. of Calif at Berkeley System and its Implications for
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