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Wed 07 Apr 1993

FYI: Austronesian Fulbright, update on Italian prosody

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  2. Elina Savino, Italian prosody

Message 1: Fulbright

Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1993 16:45:31 Fulbright
From: <>
Subject: Fulbright

 Fulbright Scholar in Austronesian Linguistics

We wish to draw the attention of interested persons to the fact that the Dept.
of Linguistics at Victoria Univ. of Wellington and the Dept. of Maori Studies
at Waikato Univ. have a joint proposal for a Fulbright visitor in Austronesian
linguistics under the 1994/1995 Fulbright program.

Duration of visit: 3 months

Application details: Council for International Exchange of Scholars
 3007 Tilden St. NW
 Suite 5M
 Washington DC 20008-3009

Closing date for applications: 1 August 1993

Contacts for further information:

 Elizabeth Pearce
 Dept. of Linguistics
 Victoria Univ. of Wellington
 PO Box 600
 New Zealand

 phone: (64) (4) 472 1000, Ext: 8798
 fax: (64) (4) 471 2070

 Ray Harlow
 Dept. of Maori Studies
 Waikato Univ.
 Private Bag
 New Zealand

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Message 2: Italian prosody

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 93 12:32:01 MEItalian prosody
From: Elina Savino <REFICEVM.CSATA.IT>
Subject: Italian prosody

I would like to add something to the summary I posted on Italian prosody.
Firstly, I forgot to mention Elise Hofhuis among the people I wish to
thank for their help (sorry, Elise).
Secondly, I was asked for the complete titles of the refs I gave in
shortened form, and the exact refs of papers by Lori Repetti I mentioned
in the summary.
Here they are (thanks to Lori)

den Os, E. A. (1984) "Extrametricality and Italian Stress"
M. P. R. van den Broecke and A. Cohen, eds.
Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
(Dordrecht Foris) 499-503.

den Os, E. and R. Kager (1986)
"Extrametricality and Stress in Spanish and Italian" Lingua 69: 23-48.

Sluyters, W. (1990) "Length and Stress Revisited:
A Metrical Account of Diphthongization, Vowel Length, Consonant Gemination
and Word Final Epenthesis in Modern Italian" Probus 2: 65-102.

Vogel, Irene and Sergio Scalise (1982) "Secondary Stress in Italian"
Lingua 58: 213-242.

Wanner, Dieter (1973) "Is Stress Predictable in Italian?"
in Issues in Linguistics: Papers in Honor of Henry and Renee Kahane
(Urbana: U. Of Illinois Press) 875-896.

Papers by Lori Repetti

"Vowel Length in Northern Italian Dialects" Probus 4, 1992
(to appear)

"A Moraic Analysis of Raddoppiamento Fonosintattico"
Rivista di Linguistica 3: 307-330.

"English Loans in Italian" Italica (1992) - to appear

 Elina Savino
 University of Bari - Italy
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