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Thu 21 Jan 1993

FYI: Survey of UG linguistics courses

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  1. Karl Krahnke, Survey of UG linguistics courses

Message 1: Survey of UG linguistics courses

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1993 23:27:26 Survey of UG linguistics courses
From: Karl Krahnke <krahnkelamar.ColoState.EDU>
Subject: Survey of UG linguistics courses

Would you please make the following survey available to


At Colorado State University linguistics courses are taught in
the English Department. Currently, one course in general
linguistics is required of undegraduate English majors. A two-
semester course is required of those students seeking teaching
certification in English. An additional course in the history of
English is offered.

The Department is questioning the continued requirement of the
one linguistics course for English majors, in part because of the
unpopularity of the course with the students. In responding to
the Department's concern, we are surveying other institutions to
gather data on similar course offerings and requirements
elsewhere. We are surveying our "peer" institutions by
telephone, but feel that such information can be easily gathered
through the "Linguist" network also.

What follows are the questions to which we would like responses.

Respondents may simply answer the questions or may compose a
prose response describing the situation at their institution.
Respondents are invited to add further comments if they wish. We
will share results with network subscribers if the response is
meaningfully large.

Responses may also be made by letter to:
 Coordinator, TESL/Linguistics Committee
 English Department
 Colorado State University
 Ft. Collins, CO 80523


1. Name of university:
2. Name of respondent:
3. What linguistics courses are required of English majors?
 (names, brief descriptions)
4. Are other undergraduate courses offered?
5. What department offers the courses (English, Linguistics)?
6. How many faculty are involved in the teaching of these
7. Do the faculty coordinate their offerings?

8. Do(es) the required course(s) have prerequisites?
9. What textbooks are typically used in the course(s)?
10. What topics are typically covered:
 a. phonetics/phonology
 b. morphology
 c. syntax
 d. semantics
 e. pragmatics
 f. history of English
 g. English dialects, sociolects
 h. cross linguistic variation
 i. discourse analysis
 j. educational applications
 k. others???

11. In what ways, if any, are the courses designed to relate to
 English majors' typical interests?
12. Are the courses required or taken by students who are not
 English majors?
13. How many sections of the required courses are offered per
14. What are typical student reactions to the courses?
15. What are the feelings of non-linguistics faculty about the
 courses; do they understand their content?
16. Are traditional grammar and usage taught in the required
 linguistics courses or in any other courses?
17. Is a teaching certificate in English offered at the
18. If so, what grammar or linguistics courses are required for
 certificate students? What topics are covered? Who teaches


Karl Krahnke
English Department
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO 80623
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