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Wed 21 Apr 1993

Jobs: Cambridge, Utrecht, Taiwan

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Message 1: Vacancies

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1993 09:08:38 Vacancies
From: <>
Subject: Vacancies


1) ACQUILEX-II, `Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge', is an Esprit
funded Basic Research project investigating a) semi-automatic
acquisition of lexical knowledge from machine-readable versions of
conventional dictionaries and from textual corpora, and b) issues in
the linguistic representation of lexical knowledge in
unification-based formalisms. Cambridge is the coordinator of
ACQUILEX-II and the participating sites are University of Amsterdam
(Dept. of English); Universita Politecnico di Barcelona (Dept of
Computer Science); Pisa University (Istituto di Linguistica
Computazionale); Biblograf, Barcelona; Van Dale, Utrecht and
Cambridge University Press.

There is vacancy for an RA(1A) for a period of up to 24 months
commencing 1 August 1993 (or asap thereafter) on this project. The
post will most likely be based in Cambridge and preference will be
given to postdoctoral candidates with background in linguistics or
computational linguistics interested and able to work on one or more
of the following topics: linguistic description within a
unification-based framework of processes of regular polysemy (such as
`grinding'), of derivational morphology (such as agent
nominalisation), and of verbal diathesis alternations (such as the
causative-inchoative alternation) in a multilingual context with
emphasis on the lexical semantic nature of such phenomena.

2) ILD, the Integrated Language Database, is a SALT-IED funded project
due to start soon. The project is coordinated by Sharp Laboratories of
Europe, Oxford and involves Cambridge, University of Edinburgh (Centre
for Cognitive Science) and Cambridge University Press. The aim of the
project is to develop a software system capable of supporting
semi-automatic construction of a lexical database in tandem with the
analysis of textual and transcribed spoken corpora.

A vacancy exists in Cambridge for a RA(1A) for a maximum of 3 years,
probably commencing 1st October 1993. Preference will be given to
postdoctoral candidates with a background in artificial intelligence,
computational or corpus linguistics and experience of
unification-based and/or probabilistic parsing systems to work on the
construction and evaluation of software prototypes for robust
phrasal-level syntactic analysis of free text based on probabilistic
parsing techniques.

Candidates interested in these positions should write to me enclosing
a CV and the names and email (if possible) addresses of two referees
by 7th May 1993.

Ted Briscoe
Computer Laboratory
Cambridge University
Pembroke St.
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Message 2: Research Assistants

Date: 19 Apr 1993 16:02:35 +0000Research Assistants
From: <>
Subject: Research Assistants

 The Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
 at Utrecht University

is able to offer

 3 positions for RESEARCH ASSISTANTS
 who wish to obtain a PhD in linguistics

Starting September 1, 1993.

The OTS research program comprises research in the areas of
generative linguistics (syntax & semantics, phonology &
morphology), phonetics, and computational linguistics & logic.
Individual research projects for the assistants will be in one of
these areas.

Research assistants are appointed as 'trainees' (AIO's), who
participate in the graduate program of the institute. Besides
individual supervision of doctoral research, the OTS offers basic
courses and organizes specialized seminars. Part of the training
will also be provided through participation in the Dutch National
Graduate School of Linguistics and the Dutch National Graduate
School in Logic.

A list of research proposals for PhD projects is available at the
OTS and can be obtained from the graduate supervisor. Candidates
can also submit their own research proposals, which will be
evaluated against the background of the overall OTS research

Applicants for an AIO-position should have:
- completed their undergraduate training at a Dutch university or
have a degree that is equivalent to the Dutch `doctoraal examen'
(appr. an MA degree);
- adequate knowledge of English

Research assistants will be appointed on a full-time basis for a
period of four years, at a starting salary of Dfl. 1,962.- per
month, rising to Dfl. 3,499.- in the fourth year. AIO's receive a
salary which provides sufficient financial support to cover living
expenses. The OTS is able to offer good working facilities,
including travel allowances for conferences and summer schools.

General information about the OTS and the above positions can be
obtained from:

 Dr. M. Everaert (graduate program supervisor)
 phone: 31-30-536006/6528
 fax: 31-30-53600

Applications should be sent to the following address, before May
7: (state vacancy number 68312 on the envelope)

 Universiteit Utrecht
 Afdeling Personeel en Organisatie van de Faculteit der
 J.Th.M. van Dort
 Kromme Nieuwegracht 46
 3512 HJ Utrecht
 The Netherlands
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Message 3: Jobs in Taiwan: English literature & lx

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 93 23:59:48 ESJobs in Taiwan: English literature & lx
From: "Warren A. Brewer " <NCUT054TWNMOE10.bitnet>
Subject: Jobs in Taiwan: English literature & lx

The Graduate Institute of Western Languages & Literature and the
English Department of Tamkang University in Taiwan has three
associate professorships to fill beginning AY 1993-94.
Applicants must already hold the Ph.D.

The responsibilities of these joint appointments include
directing M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations and teaching at the
graduate and undergraduate levels.

English is the language of instruction. Teaching will include
both graduate seminars in Western literature and undergraduate
EFL courses. For the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Western
Languages & Literature, a specialization in English literature
and any area of linguistics is desirable.

Annual pay for associate professor is about US$32,000, and
recent research grants have ranged from US$1,100 up to $12,000.

Interested applicants are invited to contact Warren Brewer at
ncut054  twnmoe10.bitnet. Deadline for receipt of application
materials is May 20, 1993.
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