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Sun 25 Apr 1993

Sum: Affixes as words

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Message 1: Sum: 'to dis'

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 93 16:42:12 -0Sum: 'to dis'
From: <klaimanIPFWCVAX.bitnet>
Subject: Sum: 'to dis'

I'd like to thank the following persons for responding to my recent inquiry
about 'to dis' and the possibility of other English bound morphemes having
become inflecting bases:
 Lynne Murphy, Martha Ratliff, Caroline Heycock, Randy LaPolla,
Diane Nelson,, Christina Kramer, Nicholas Ostler, Wayne Isaac Worley, David
Parkinson, Leslie Barrett, Brian Joseph, Laurie Bauer, Stavros Macrakis,
Sue Blackwell, Mary Newsome, and "tboexc1niu.bitnet".
 Some selected contributions:
 ism: 'We got sensitivity regarding the various isms'
 ette: 'I'm not an ette!"
 ex: 'All my exes live in Texas'
 dif(f): 'What's the diff?'
 ish: 'Did you get in late?' 'Yeah, ish...'
 anti 'The antis have it'
 ist: 'Marxists and the other ists'
 ologies 'Study psych and the other ologies'
 non (meaning unsure; a grade school usage)
 to con
 to counter
 to sub
 ene, ane (chemistry jargon)
 hex (hexadecimal)
 a hypo (medical)
 to be hyper
 a kilo
 a micro (microcomputer)
 a mini (miniskirt, etc.)
 mono (mononucleosis)
 super: 'Got a leaky faucet? See the super'
 to sus(s): 'to suss someone out' (investigate, treat with suspicion)
 to perp 'why you perping?' (dragging out or perpetuating)
 to front 'how you gonna front like that?' (to confront someone)

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