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Tue 27 Apr 1993

Sum: Phoneme frequency in French, the language of propaganda

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  1. , Summary: Phoneme Frequencies French
  2. "W.Sobkowiak", The Language of propaganda

Message 1: Summary: Phoneme Frequencies French

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 93 16:49:34 CESummary: Phoneme Frequencies French
From: <>
Subject: Summary: Phoneme Frequencies French

This is a summary of the reactions to my query for references on the
frequency of occurrence of phonemes (individual sounds, consonant
clusters, or longer sequences) in French.

Thanks to the people who responded to the query:

Laurie Bauer
E. Dean Detrich 22743MGRMSU.BITNET
Deborah Du Bartell
Daniel Lepetit
Sharon L. Shelly
Harald Ulland

These are the titles that were suggested to me:

Boe and Tubach (1992) Une base de donnees lexicale orthographique-phonetique
 du francais parle. Cahiers de grammaire 17, novembre 1992,
 Universite de Toulouse-Le Mirail.
Carton, F. (1974) Introduction a la phonetique du francais, Paris: Bordas,
 pp. 71-2.
Diane M. Dansereau () Savoir dire: Cours de phonetique et de prononciation
 D.C. Heath and Company
Delattre, Pierre. (1965) Comparing the Phonetic Features of English,
 French, German and Spanish. Philadelphia & New York, Chilton.
Delattre, Pierre. (1966) Studies in French and Comparative Phonetics.
 La Haye, Mouton.
de Kock, J. (1983) De la frequence relative des phonemes en francais et de
 relativite de ces frequences, ITL-Review of Applied Linguistics 59, 1-54
Leon, P.R. (1966) Prononciation du francais standard: aide-memoire d'orthoepie,
 Montreal:Didier, 186 p. (4me ed: 1989 Paris:Didier)
Andre Malecot (1974) Frequency of occurence of French phonemes and consonant
 clusters, Phonetica 29 pp.158-170 (1974).
Walter, Henriette et al. (1976) La dynamique des phonemes dans le lexique
 francais contemporain. Paris: France-Expansion.
Wioland, F. (1985) Les structures syllabiques du francais:
 frequence et distribution des phonemes consonantiques; contraintes
 idiomatiques dans les sequences consonantiques
 Geneve: Slatkine, collection Travaux de Linguistique quantitative

Piet Mertens
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Message 2: The Language of propaganda

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 93 14:50:13 CEThe Language of propaganda
From: "W.Sobkowiak" <SOBKOWPLPUAM11.BITNET>
Subject: The Language of propaganda

This is a summary of responses which my student got to her
posting concerning the language of propaganda. Let me thank
once again all those interested for their response.

Wlodzimierz Sobkowiak.



I received ten responses on the original query : language
of propaganda . Nine of them were bibliographical advice
about valuable or interesting work, or in some other way
worthwhile material. One was a request about the results of the
query. Eight of the responses recommended from one to three
books on the subjects connected with the language of propaganda
with short comments concerning the content of the books . One
response , however , included a compilation of bibliography of
about two hundred book sources on language of power . As a
result of the query I managed to collect an impressing
bibliography on the subject that is of great interest to me .
The list of ten most often recommended books follows :

Andersen , R. [1988]. The Power and the Word. London: Palladin
Blakar, R. [1979] . Language as a means of Social Power. In: R.
 Rommetveit and R.M. Blakar (eds.). Studies of Language
 Thought and Verbal Communication.
Bolinger, D. [ 1980 ]. Language -The Loaded Weapon. London/ New
 York ; Longman
Boltz, C. J. ,and D. U. Seyer ( eds.). , [1982 ]. Language
 Power. New York; Random
Chomsky , N. [1989 ]. Language and Politics. Montreal ; Black
 Rose Books.
Fairclogh,N. [ 1989]. Language and Power.London ; Longman
Geis, M. [1987]. The Language of Politics. New York; Springer
Shapiro, M [1984 ]. Language and Politics. Oxford; Blackwell.
Wilson. J. [1990 ]. Politically Speaking; The Pragmatic
 Analysis of Political Discourse.
Wodak, R. ( ed.). [1989 ]. Language , Power and Ideology.
 Amsterdam ; Benjamins.
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