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Fri 30 Apr 1993

Books: Discourse

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  1. I, Discourse

Message 1: Discourse

Date: Fri 30 Apr 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Discourse

Edwards, Jane A. & Martin D. Lampert (eds). TALKING DATA: TRANSCRIPTION AND
 CODING IN DISCOURSE RESEARCH. Erlbaum. 336 pp. 0-8058-0349-1 [ppr]
 US $27.50; 0-8058-0348-3 [hdbk] US $59.95; (Prepaid: $24.75 & $53.95)
 Discourse, spoken language corpora.
Transcription and coding systems from contrasting approaches to spoken language
situated in their theoretical frameworks with sample analyses. Overview
chapters present global design principles. Includes a large compendium of
computerized corpora and related resources. To order in US: 1-800-926-6579
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