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Wed 05 May 1993

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  1. , New! Improved! LSA E-mail list

Message 1: New! Improved! LSA E-mail list

Date: Tue, 4 May 93 19:53:08 EDTNew! Improved! LSA E-mail list
From: <>
Subject: New! Improved! LSA E-mail list

I am delighted to be able to announce that LSA has made available an
electronic copy of their e-mail address list, and it can be gotten by
anonymous ftp from

To get it, if you're on the Internet:

 <log on as "anonymous">
 <give your mail address as your password>
 cd linguistics
 get email.lsa
 <that's it>

The file will be automagically transported to your internet machine and
will show up as your file "email.lsa". I suggest this name because it
should be acceptable to almost all operating systems. Previous incarnations
of this file choked a number of VMS systems due to the unacceptable (to
them) length and composition of the original file name.

The file is about 100K in size, and should transfer in under 1 minute
at ordinary ftp speeds.


 John Lawler University of Michigan Program in Linguistics


MODERATORS' NOTE: This file is now also available through
the LINGUIST listserv. To obtain the file, send a message:

get lsa lst linguist

to the address: (Internet)
 listservtamvm1 (Bitnet)
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