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Sun 16 May 1993

Sum: IPA fonts

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  1. Chen Shu-Fen, Summary: IPA Fonts

Message 1: Summary: IPA Fonts

Date: Thu, 13 May 1993 14:04:38 Summary: IPA Fonts
From: Chen Shu-Fen <>
Subject: Summary: IPA Fonts

 Several weeks ago I post a query about IPA fonts. I got many
responses. Thanks for those who respond my query, and sorry for
my delay of making the summary. The following people gave me
information about the IPA fonts:

 E. Dean Detrich (
 Michael A. Covington (
 Celso Alvarez-Caccamo (
 Taylor Roberts (
 Joel Bradshaw (bradshawuhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
 Gail Stygall (
 Peter Kahrel (
 Ernest McCarus (
 Jonathan Kaye (
 John Lawler (
 Evan Antworth (
 Paul Bijnens (
 Larry Foley (
 Robert Early (

 I've got seven different ways to use IPA fonts. They are
summarized as follows:

(1) Many people told me that I can get IPA fonts from
 SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) at Dallas, TX.
 Evan Antworth gave a very detailed description about
 how to get the fonts as follows:

The following describes two products: the SIL Encore IPA Fonts
(freeware) and the SIL Encore Fonts (commercial).

The SIL Encore IPA Fonts are a set of scalable IPA fonts
containing the full International Phonetic Alphabet with
1990 Kiel revisions. Three typefaces are included:

 SIL Doulos (similar to Times)
 SIL Sophia (similar to Helvetica)
 SIL Manuscript (monowidth)

Each font contains all the standard IPA discrete characters
and non-spacing diacritics as well as some suprasegmental and
puncuation marks. Each font comes in both PostScript Type 1 and
TrueType formats. The fonts are available for both Macintosh and
Microsoft Windows. They are freeware.

The Macintosh fonts are available by FTP from:

The Windows fonts are available by FTP from:

The fonts can also be ordered on diskette (including printed
documentation) for $5 (plus postage: $2 in US, $5 outside US)

 SIL Printing Arts Department
 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
 Dallas, TX 75236
 phone: 214-709-2440
 fax: 214-709-3387

The IPA fonts described above are a subset of a larger
library of phonetic characters and linguistic symbols called
the SIL Encore Fonts. The intention is for the user to choose
the characters he or she needs for a particular language and build
a custom font. To use this package you need a font manipulation
program such as FontMonger or Fontographer (these are commercial
programs not available from SIL). While the IPA fonts are free,
the complete font library costs $60 (plus postage).
You can order from the address given above.

 Paul Bijnens also gave me the address to ftp for people in
 (a) Mac:

 (b) Windows:

(2) Jonathan Kaye send me a file which contains several
 TrueType IPA fonts for Windows 3.1. Once installed they can
 be used on any Windows application, e.g. WordPerfect for
 Windows, Word for Windows, Write, and Notepad. It works
 nicely for me. If you need the file, you can ask Jonathan to
 send you the file, or if Jonathan agrees, I can also send you
 the file.

(3) IPA fonts on WP51 for DOS
 Lines, Boxes Etc.-Phonetic Edition
 Address: M.A.P. Systems
 18100 Bay Road #100
 Houston, TX 77058
 Phone: (713) 333-9694

(4) Linguist's Software
 Address: Linguist's Software
 P.O. Box 580
 Edmonds, WA 98020-0580
 Phone: (206) 775-1130
 Fax: (206) 771-5911
 Price: $79.95

(5) Paul Bijnens told me that there is a Lucida Sans Phonetic
 developed by Bigelow and Holmes, and they can be reached via
 email via: However, when I sent
 e-mail to the address, like Paul himself, the mail disappeared
 in a big balck hole. If somebody succeeds in getting in touch
 with Begelow and Holmes, please let me know.

(6) Publisher's Powerpak
 Producer: Atech Software
 Powerpak works with WordPerfect, LetterPerfect, PlanPerfect,
 MS Word, and MS Works.

 However, Celso cannot find the producer's address and phone
 number. If you are in finding out what Powerpak is, maybe you
 can ask for help from some software companies.

(7) Adobe's Times or Stone phonetic fonts
 (for both DOS and Windows versions)
 Address: FontShop
 401 Wellington Street West
 Toronto, Ontario M5V 1E8
 Phone: 1-800-36-FONTS
 Fax: 416-593-4318

 Hoping the above information will help you find out the IPA
fonts most suitable for you.

 Shu-Fen Chen
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