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Wed 27 Jan 1993

Sum: Romance, Psycholinguistics

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  1. Fran Karttunen, summary on Romance
  2. , Psycholinguistics texts

Message 1: summary on Romance

Date: 26 Jan 1993 10:50:21 -0600summary on Romance
From: Fran Karttunen <>
Subject: summary on Romance

Thank you to all who responded to my query about sources for teaching
examples from Spanish and Portuguese to use in an introductory
linguistics course. Here are suggested texts:

Agard, Frederick. A Course in Romance Linguistics. Volume 1: A
Synchronic View, Volume 2: A Diachronic View. Georgetown University
Press. 1984.

Harris, Martin, and Nigel Vincent. The Romance Languages. Oxford
University Press. 1988. (Mentioned by several respondents, one of
whome described it as "not really appropriate" for the sort of course
I described)

Lloyd, Paul M. From Latin to Spanish. American Philosophical Society.
(Described as "infuriatingly wrong-headed in crucial places, but an
indispensable reference")

Penny, Ralph. A History of the Spanish Language. Cambridge University
Press. 1991.

Resnick, Melvyn. Introduccion a la historia de la lengual espanola.
Georgetown University press. (Examples and exercises. See bibliography
for full references to The Spanish Language and to W. J. Entwistle's Portuguese,
 Catalan, and Basque.)

Spaulding, Robert K. How Spanish Grew. University of California Press.
1943. ("handy for broad coverage at a superficial, cheap-and-dirty

Wright. Latin and Romance Languages in the Early Middle Ages. Routledge.
(Costs $95!)

Fran Karttunen
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Message 2: Psycholinguistics texts

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 14:03:25 PSPsycholinguistics texts
Subject: Psycholinguistics texts

 A couple of months ago I asked for suggestions for an introductory
psycholinguistics text. Many thanks to Don Mitchell, Paul Peranteau, and
Jenkins-Strange (whose first name I lost--sorry!) for suggestions. It
turned out that the suggestions were, and are, few and the requests for
the list many. I will be glad to transmit the list to anyone wanting
it, send requests to me <steveroyidui1.bitnet>.
 In the end, thanks to Jean Berko Gleason's kind help, I went with
the new text edited by her and Nan Bernstein Ratner. The publisher
provided page proofs to use until the book arrives (a week or two).
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