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Mon 31 May 1993

Sum: Phonetics material

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  1. Michael B. Dobrovolsky, Summary: phonetics material

Message 1: Summary: phonetics material

Date: Tue, 25 May 93 17:33:02 MDSummary: phonetics material
From: Michael B. Dobrovolsky <>
Subject: Summary: phonetics material

Summary as of 25 May 1993

Thanks to the following, alphabetically, who sent notices about
a-v/&/or computerized material available for phonetics teaching.
------------1 ------------------------------------------
 From: Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy <>

. . . about an hour's taped demonstration and practice material
recorded by me, plus a rendering of most of the IPA by Gimson, courtesy of
University College
------------2 ------------------------------------------
Peter Ladefoged <IDU0PNLMVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>[also noted by Cathy
Ball, Georgetown;
PL sent the details provided below; I have abbreviated the
desciptions for this summary]

UCLA Phonetics software

". . . As far as we know, all of this software will run on any
Macintosh, from a MacPlus upwards, with the exception of the last
 program in (4) below. A hard
disk and Hypercard 2.0.2 or better are also required. The
addition of an
amplifier and loudspeaker is strongly recommended, as on most
Macintoshes the
small internal speaker is not capable of providing the reasonably
high quality that is present in the recordings.

1. The Sounds of A Course in Phonetics $35
17 800K disks, requiring about 25 meg of disk space when expanded.
2. The Sounds of the World's Languages & A Course in Phonetics $75
30 800K disks, requiring about 50 meg of disk space when
3. The Sounds of the World's Languages $50
25 800K disks, requiring about 35 meg of disk space when expanded.
4. Acoustics phonetics teaching material $25
5 800K disks, requiring about 4 meg of disk space when expanded.

The following programs available for MS-DOS compatible computers:

The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database of (currently)
451 languages,with programs to manipulate and modify it. Specify size DOS size
disk required.
Order from:
Software Manager, Phonetics Lab
Department of Linguistics
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1543

Make checks (in U.S. dollars only) payable to: Regents,
University of California"
------------3 ------------------------------------------
Ian Smith <IANSMITHVM1.YorkU.CA>

Notes that Edinburgh University has a series of videos which
introduce basic sounds. Includes lectures and demonstration.

Ian Smith also writes that he and Michael Kay " . . . are
currently putting together a reference tape to be used by students
taking practical phonetics. It
will follow the same format as the demo sections of the Edinburgh
tape, viz split screen with simultaneous front and side views of the
speaker & the symbolfor the sound being demonstrated overlayed at
the bottom. It will differ from
the Edinburgh tapes in that there will be no lecturing (it's not a
stand-alone course) & it will illustrate a wider variety of sounds. . . .
[professional]taping is scheduled for June & we aim to have it ready in time
for classes in September."
This is all so far. While the what's available looks to be of high
quality, its clear that this is an area where more
material could be developed.

To those respondents who indicated an interested in trading for
material in our lab:
 I will be away until late July and will be in touch with you
individually then.

With thanks,

Michael Dobrovolsky
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