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Fri 04 Jun 1993

Books: Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Neurocognition

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  1. I, Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Neurocognition

Message 1: Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Neurocognition

Date: Fri 04 Jun 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Neurocognition
Ankersmit, F.R.; Mooij, J.J.A.; Un of Groningen; Knowledge and Language:
 Volume 3 Metaphor and Knowledge: HB Set 0-7923-1888-9; Kluwer
 Academic Publishers, Email
This volume presents eleven essays on the role of metaphor in philosophy,
poetry, semiotics, art, literary criticism, economics, medical science and
in political theory. Through the use of metaphor, the contributors provide
a unique and exciting picture of these disciplines.

Aoun, Joseph and Yen-hui Audrey Li (University of Southern California);
Syntax of Scope; pb: 0-262--51068-55; 248 pp.; $18.95; cl:
0-262-01133-6; $37.50. The MIT Press
The authors develop two principles that, they argue, must be part of any
account of the interaction of quantifiers and wh-operators in all
languages. A Linguistic Inquiry Monograph. Phone:(800) 356-0343/(617)

Asher, Nicholas; Un. of Texas; Reference to Abstract Objects in Discourse;
 468 pp.; HB 0-7923-2242-8; Kluwer Academic Publishers, Email
This book presents a novel framework and analysis of the ways we refer to
abstract objects in natural language discourse. For semanticists,
philosophers of language, computer scientists interested in natural
language applications, philosophical logicians, graduate students in
linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

de Boysson-Bardies, Benedicte; EHESS/CNRS; Developmental Neurocognition:
 Speech and Face Processing in the First Year of Life; 516 pp.;
 HB 0-7923-2188-X; Kluwer Academic, Email
These are the proceedings of the NATO ARW on Changes in Speech Processing in
Infancy, held in France 1992. It was one of the first interdisciplinary
meetings to focus on early developmental neurocognition. The contributions
cover the latest research on these topics and include some exciting new
conceptual advances.

Fehri, Abdelkader Fassi; Mohamed V Un.; Issues in the Structure of Arabic
 Clauses and Words; 312 pp.; HB 0-7923-2082-4; Kluwer Academic
 Publishers, Email
The goals of this study are twofold. First, it investigates the internal
structure of words and clauses in Standard Arabic (SA), in the light of
recent developments of Government and Binding Theory (GB). Second, it
argues for a specific theory of typological variation. For linguists and
students of general, Semitic, and Arabic linguistics.

Pustejovsky, James; Brandeis Un; Semantics and the Lexicon; 416 pp.;
 HB 0-7923-1963-X; Kluwer Academic, Email
This book integrates the research being carried out in the field of lexical
semantics in linguistics with the work on knowledge representation and
lexicon design in computational linguistics. It provides a stimulating and
unique discussion between the computational perspective of lexical meaning
and the concerns of the linguist for the semantic description of lexical
items in the context of syntactic descriptions.
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