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Thu 10 Jun 1993

Sum: LaTeX Interlinear Glossing

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  1. Johannes Heinecke, LaTeX Interlinear Glossing

Message 1: LaTeX Interlinear Glossing

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 93 17:47:50 CELaTeX Interlinear Glossing
From: Johannes Heinecke <>
Subject: LaTeX Interlinear Glossing

A few weeks ago I posted a question about LaTeX macros
producing interlinear glossings easily. Here is a summary of
all answers and hints I got.
Firstly I'd like to thank the following who replied to the request
I had posted:

 David Adger (
 Avery Andrews <>
 J. Carlos Ruiz Anton <>
 Evan L. Antworth <>
 Alexis Dimitriadis (
 Michel A.F. DeGraff <>
 Tomaz Erjavec <>
 Rich Hilliard <>
 Alexander Holt <>
 Jose Ignacio Hualde <>
 J%org Knappen <KNAPPENVKPMZD.kph.Uni-Mainz.DE>
 John E. Koontz <>
 John Nerbonne <>
 Jan Odijk <>
 Anoop Sarkar <>
 Alex Schoenmakers (
 Tsuchida Shigeru <>
 Christina Thiele <>
 Craig Thiersch <>
 Gabriel Valiente <>
 C. Jan-Wouter Zwart <>

Secondly I must correct myself as J.I.Hualde wrote that the Basque
example I gave had a wrong translation eventhough the glossing seemed
correct. I should of course have been
 Nik gizona ikusi dut
 I *have seen* the man

There are indeed quite a lot of macros available out of which I'd like
to mention three, which really do the job quite well. Both origin on
macros written by Marcel van der Goot.

 The first is a set of macros called "gloss.tex". This comes together
 with a document called "gloss.doc" and are both for use with plain TeX.
 The should be available via ftp from
 [] in pub/tex, and also in various other archives.
 This is in fact Marcel van der Goot's original file.

 The second is a set of macros for use with LaTeX. It's written by
 Micheal Covington, basing on M. van der Goot's macro and called
 "covingtn.sty". A document for this is called "covingtn.doc". It must
 be stored on various ftp sites, as Alexis Schoenmakers wrote.
 The newest version I found dates from Nov 8, 1992. The ftp site I
 got from is "" in the directory

 The third also bases on M.van der Goot's and M.Covington's files
 and is written by Craig Thiersch and Hap Kolb called "gb4e.sty",
 "cgloss4e.sty" and is documented in "gb4e-doc.tex". As the README
 file shows:
 ``In marked contrast to "covingtn.sty", on which the gloss-handling is
 loosely based, this style does work in footnotes and other fragile
 environments, too.''
 These files are available by ftp from "" (,
 in the directory "/pub/newgloss".

 Both, the second and third macro-sets can produce all kinds of glossings
 phrase structure rules, feature structures, discourse representation
 structures etc) and are easy to use too.

 Johannes Heinecke <>
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