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Thu 10 Jun 1993

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  1. Dewi Evans, 'be' sentences

Message 1: 'be' sentences

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 93 16:26:49 GM'be' sentences
Subject: 'be' sentences

I am extremely grateful to those who replied to my query on 'be' sentences
which I posted a few weeks ago. The respondents were:

Cathy Ball
Erin Collopy
Ray Freeze
John Goldsmith
Martin Haspelmath
Mary Jack
Knud Lambrecht
Connor Longman
Lachlan Mackenzie
Louise McNally
Geoff Nathan
Jeff Runner
Brian Ulicny
Elly van Gelderen
Peansiri Vongvipanond
Ronnie Wilbur
Rick Wojcik
Laurie Zaring

I was told that the journal _Foundations of Language_ whose demise I
had mourned has become _Linguistics and Philosophy_ and/or _Studies in
Language_. The following are the works which were suggested to me. A
few are fairly general works on Welsh, which might perhaps be only of
passing interest to those working on 'be' in other languages.

_The Verb 'Be' and its Synonyms_, vols. 1-6, ed. by John W. M. Verhaar,
 D. Reidel, Dordrecht, 1967.
Ball, C. (1991), _The Historical Development of the it-cleft_. PhD
 dissertation, U of Pennsylvania.
Bolinger, D.L. (1972), 'A look at equations and cleft sentences' in
 _Studies for Einar Haugen_. Mouton.
Burzio, L. (1986), _Italian Syntax_. D. Reidel, Dordrecht.
Chvany, Catherine (1973), 'On the Role of Presuppositions in Russian
 Existential Sentences' in _Papers from the Ninth Regional Meeting,
 Chicago Linguistic Circle_.
Couquaux, Daniel (1981), 'French Predication and Linguistic Theory' in
 May, R. and J. Coster (eds.) _Levels of Syntactic Representation_.
 Foris, Dordrecht.
Declerck, Renaat (1988), _Studies on Copular Sentences, Clefts and
 Pseudo-clefts_. Leuven U Press, Leuven.
Demske-Neumann, Ulrike (1993), _Modales Passiv und Tough Movement -
 zur strukturellen Kausalitaet eines syntaktischen Wandels im
 Deutschen und Englischen_. Doctoral dissertation, Tuebingen.
Doherty, Cathal (to appear), 'Causal Structure and the Modern Irish
 Copula' in _Natural Language and Linguistic Theory_.
Fife, James (1990), _The Semantics of the Welsh Verb_. U of Wales
 Press, Cardiff.
Freeze, Ray (1992), 'Existentials and other Locatives', in _Language
 68_, 553-95.
Heggie, Lorie (1988), _The Syntax of Copular Structures_, PhD
 dissertation, U of South California, LA.
Hendrick, Randall (1991), 'The Celtic Coopula and Head Raising'. Paper
 presented at the Verb Movement Workshop, U of Maryland, Oct. 1991.
Hengeveld, Kees (1992), _Non-verbal predication: theory, typology,
 diachrony_. Functional Grammar Series 15. Mouton, Berlin.
Heycock, Caroline (1991), 'Specificational Pseudoclefts and
 Predication'. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the LSA,
 Jan. 1991.
---------- (1991), _Layers of Predication: The Non-lexical syntax of
 clauses_. PhD dissertation, U of Pennsylvania.
Higgins, Francis Roger (1979), _The Pseudo-Cleft Construction in
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Keizer, Evelien (date unknown), _Reference, predication and
 (in)definiteness in Functional Grammar_. PhD dissertation, Free U,
Lema, Jose (1992), 'Distinguishing Copular and Aspectual Auxiliaries:
 Spanish SER and ESTAR'. Paper presented at the Linguistic Symposium
 on Romance Languages, U of Texas, El Paso, Feb. 1992.
Longman, C. Ferris (forthcoming), _The Meaning of Syntax: A Study of
 the Adjectives in English_.
Partee, Barbara (1986), 'Ambiguous Pseudoclefts with Unambiguous Be', in
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 NELS 16_. GLSA, U of Masssachusettes, Amherst, 354-66.
Pollock, J-Y (1983), 'Sur quelques proprietes des phrases copulatives
 en francais'. _Langue francaise_ 8, 89-12.
Rapoport, T. (1987), _Copular, Nominal and Small Clauses: a Study of
 Israeli Hebrew_. PhD dissertation, MIT, Cambridge, MA.
Rouveret, Alain, (1990), 'X-bar Theory, Minimality and Barrierhood in
 Welsh' in Hendrick, R. (ed.) _Syntax and Semantics 23. The Syntax
 of Modern Celtic Languages_. Academic Press, Orlando.
Safir, Ken (1985), _Syntactic Chains_. Cambridge U Press, Cambridge
van Gelderen, Elly (1990), '"To Be" and Indices' in Abraham, W.,
 W. Kosmeijer & E. Reuland (eds.) _Issues in Germanic Linguistics_.
 Mouton, Berlin.
Verheugd-Daatzelaar, Els (1990), _Subject Arguments and Predicate
 Nominals_. Rodopi, Amsterdam.
Williams, E. (1983), 'Semantic vs.Syntactic Categories'. _Linguistics
 and Philosophy 6_, 423-46.
---------- (1990), 'Pseudoclefts and the Order of Logic in English'.
 _Linguistic Inquiry 21_, 485-89.
Zaring, Laurie (1993), 'Two "Be" or Not Two "Be": Identity, Predication
 and the Welsh Copula'. Manuscript, Indiana University.

Dewi Evans
Department of Welsh, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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