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Wed 16 Jun 1993

Jobs: Paris, New Zealand

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  1. , Visiting position in Paris
  2. Kon Kuiper, Chair: Canterbury, New Zealand

Message 1: Visiting position in Paris

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 18:17:48 BSVisiting position in Paris
From: <>
Subject: Visiting position in Paris


A position as Visiting Professor of Linguistics will be available in the
English Department at the Universite Paris VIII (Vincennes/Saint-Denis) from
1 October 1993 for the entire academic year 1993-1994.

The appointment must be made by 30 June, so interested applicants should
phone faculty member Michele Mittner immediately: (33-1) 43-44-76-41.

Applicants must hold a permanent faculty position in a university and must
 (i) have a publication record on the analysis of English, or
 (ii) be in an English Department

The teaching load consists of two courses per semester each of 15 weeks; the
first semester goes from October to February, and the second finishes at the
end of June. Courses are not very advanced and consist of an average of 40
students. The department is particularly interested in courses in syntax,
phonology or semantics.

The salary is approximately FF 21,000 ($4000) per month over a period of 11
months. The university is unable to offer each faculty a personal office.

Applications should include outlines of the courses the applicant usually
teaches and/or plans to teach. Interested parties may also fax Jo Arditty
or Michele Mittner at (33-1) 49-40-66-75.
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Message 2: Chair: Canterbury, New Zealand

Date: 17 Jun 1993 12:30:29+1200 Chair: Canterbury, New Zealand
From: Kon Kuiper <>
Subject: Chair: Canterbury, New Zealand

Chair in Linguistics. University of Canterbury
The University of Canterbury invites applications for the position of
Professor in the Department of Linguistics. This position is currently the
sole Chair in Linguistics in New Zealand. The Department of Linguistics
consists of an establishment of five continuing positions. The Department
offers courses in core areas of linguistics for the three year B.A. degree.
Post graduate teaching includes courses for the B.A. (Hons) and M.A.
degrees. The Department currently has two Ph.D. candidates.
Applicants for the position must have an internationally acknowledged level
of scholarship, a substantial research record, university teaching
experience and the capacity to provide academic leadership. A successful
applicant will be expected to contribute substantially to the Department's
research output. He or she must be willing and able to contribute to the
administrative running of the Department and will also be expected to
enhance the public profile of the Department, and of Linguistics.
An appointee will be expected to contribute to the teaching of
sociolinguistics and descriptive linguistics at undergraduate level.
Preference may be given to candidates with an additional specialisation in
psycholinguistics or applied phonetics or historical linguistics or
discourse analysis.
Enquiries of an academic nature may be directed to:
Dr K. Kuiper
Telephone 64 3 364 2040 or Fax 64 3 3642 065. or
Email: <>
For conditions of appointment and application details contact:
The Registrar, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, NZ
or Fax 64 3 3642 325
The closing date for applications is 31 August 1993.
The University of Canterbury has a policy of equality of opportunity in
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