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  1., 24th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Message 1: 24th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 93 10:05:10 ED24th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
From: <>
Subject: 24th Annual Conference on African Linguistics

Tentative Schedule for the 24th Annnual Conference on African Linguistics
July 23-25, Ohio State University

FRIDAY JULY 23 [Fawcett Conference Center, 2400 Olentangy River Road]

8:00 Registration
8:45 Opening remarks

9:00 PLENARY SESSION: Larry Hyman & Francis Katamba
 The Luganda Syllable Revisited


 Jin-young Tak; Asymmetric Coordinations in Kilega
 Farida Cassimjee & C.Kisseberth; The Phrasal Phonology of Shingazidja
 M. Lionel Bender; Is Nilo-Saharan Really a Phylum?
 Paul Law; Subject/Object Asymmetry in Fon
 Niken Adisasmito & Simon Donnelly; Grammatical Tone Assignment in Rwanda
 Salikoko S. Mufwene; How Bantu Is Kiyansi? Evidence From Agreement
 Huaiyu Liu; A GPSG Account of the Subject-Object Asymmetry in Fula
 Relative Clauses
 Elaine P. Hsiao; The Tonal Domain of the Kinyarwanda Verbal System
 Julie Croston; CheTswapong: a Sotho-Tswana Language
 Adams Bodomo & Marc Oostendorp; Serial Verb Nominalisations in Dagaare
 Kimary N. Shahin; Grounded Phonology and C-to-V [PHAR] Spread in
 Palestinian Arabic
 Joe Amoako; The Phonological Characteristics of Assimilated Portuguese,
 Dutch and English Borrowed Words in Akan
 Chris Collins; Some Notes on Unaccusativity and Serial Verb Constructions
 Frederick Parkinson; Vowel Harmony in Efik and Ibibio
 Jan Bernstein; Variability in the Assimilation of English Loans in Shona
 Bettina Migge; Serial Verb Constructions in Ibibio
 Deborah Schmidt; Vowel Raising in Basaa
 Sue Hasselbring; Bilingualism and Language Choice Among the Bullom People
 of Sierra Leone
 Andrew S. Allen; Compound Nouns and Sentences and Relative Clauses in Ewe
 Roderic F. Casali; Labial Opacity and Roundness Harmony in Nawuri
 Mohammed Ali; Language and National Identity: the Case of Oromo
 Josephat M Rugemalira; The Case Against the Thematic Hierarchy
 Charles Kisseberth & Emmanuel Ndabasara; The Nominal Tonology of Rukiga
 Philip J. Jaggar & Malami Buba; The Space and Time Adverbials NAN/CAN in
 Hausa: Cracking the Deictic Code
 Andrew van der Spuy; The Topicality Hierarchy and the Nguni Object Clitic
 Nasiombe Mutonyi; Tone in Bukusu Verb Structure
 Lioba Moshi & David Dwyer; Pure V Grammaticalized Ideophones
 Edward A. Miner; Locative Inversions in Kiswahili
 Lee S. Bickmore; Linking Constraint Violations in Ekegusii
 Paul Newman; Stability and Variation in Hausa Ideophones
 Silvester Ron Simango; From Oblique To Subject: Another Look At
 Chichewa Subjectivization
 Aaron Shryock; The Nominal Tonology of Musey
 Harriet Ottenheimer; Computer-Assisted Lexicography With a Bantu Language:
 the ShiNzwani Dictionary

SATURDAY JULY 24 [Denny Hall]

 Zygmunt Frajzyngier & Erin Shay; Modal Function of the Order of Clauses
 Andrew Tilimbe Kulemeka; Bimoraicity and Phonological Wordhood in
 Chichewa Ideophones
 David R. Woods; Changing Patterns of Language Utilization in Republic
 of Congo
 Maxime Da Cruz; Aspectual Verbs fo, vo `finish' in Fongbe
 Rick Treece; Syllabic Stress in Swahili
 Leocadie Nahishakiye; Towards a Sociolinguistic Study of Rundi Language
 and Sex
 Emily Embree; The Morpheme `mo' and the Dogon Genitive Construction
 Mayrene Bentley; The Syllable Structure of Swahili
 Sheila Mmusi; African Languages in the Debate on Medium of Instruction
 in South Africa
 June Wickboldt; Binding Conditions and Logophoric Pronouns
 Francis Katamba & Larry Hyman; Prosodic Structure and the Delimitation of
 Rule Domains in Luganda
 Raphael O. Atoye; Sex Differentiation in the Acquisition of Phonology
 Amongst Nigerian Users of English
 Christopher Culy; Agreement of Fula Pronouns
 David A. Peterson; Against INFL-VERB Compounding in Luganda
 Makasa Kasonde; Multiparty Democracy in Africa and Its Implication
 For Language Development
 Melynda Dunigan; The Focus Construction In Wolof
 Ian Maddieson & Bonny Sands; Aperture Positions: A New Approach
 Rolf Theil Endresen; A Diachronic Study of Fula Conjugation
 Cheryl Zoll; Unchained Melody: Vowel Zero Alternations in Afar
 George T. Teke; Arguments For V-Raising Into TOP in Metta
 Chip Gerfen & John Mugane; Aperture Geometry, Feature Cooccurrence, and
 Meinhof's Law in Kikuyu
 Emmanuel Osam; The Fall and Rise of a Noun Class System -- the Case of Akan
 Mustapha Ahmad; The Tonal System of Hausa Compounds
 Pascal De Campos; Lexical Processes and Syntax of the Hausa Grade System
 Jose Tourville; A Manding Language With SV-nasals
 Heather Weber; An Historical Explanation For a Typologically Odd
 Language: Logbara
 Maria-Rosa Lloret; Stop Consonant Assimilation in Oromo: an
 Interdialectal Approach
 David Odden; Strange Case in Angas
 Honore Kamany; On Nasal Homorganic Clusters
 M.K.C. Uwajeh; A Bini Language Base For Some Dialects of the Igbo Language?
 Omar Irshied; Epenthesis in Bedouin Arabic in Jordan
 Sorie Yillah; SPECIFIER, Case, and Agreement in Temne
 Jiang-King Ping; Prosodic Domains and Vowel Sandhi in Igede
 Mike Hall; Nilotic Stem Formation I: Oran-Nasal Alternation in C2 Position
 Robbin Clamons; The Roles of N and T in the Discourse Structure of Oromo
 Eugene Buckley; Tigrinya Root Consonants and the OCP
 Pete Mhunzi; The Creation Myth of the Agekuyu With a Sociolinguistic Analysis
 of the Kiswahili Translations
 Bertram Okolo; Questioning in Conversational Interaction: the Igbo Case
 David Askins; The Nasal Prefix in Ila: Implications For Feature Geometry
 and Redundancy Rule Ordering
 Margaret Wade Lewis; African Cosmology in Science Fiction By Butler
 Ernest S. Akerejola; Fidelity To Oko Syntax of Halliday's Functional
 Approach To Grammatical Analysis
 John M. Mugane; On Nasal Assimilation in Gikuyu
 Kwenzi-Mikala Jerome Tangu; Punu Personal Names


SUNDAY JULY 25 [University Hall]

 Marnie Jo Petray; The Tense, Mood, and Aspect System of Krobo Dangme
 Grace A. Masagbor; The Associative Morpheme "E" in Ivie
 Remi Sonaiya; BEING in Yoruba and French: Variations on a Theme
 Yetunde Laniran; Implementing a Floating L Tone
 Uschi Drolc; On the Perfect in Swahili
 Anbessa Teferra; Coronal Underspecification in Sidamo
 Philip W. Lewis; The Acquisition of Click Phonemes By Xhosa
 Speaking Children
 Akinbiyi Akinlabi; The Phonetic Realization of the Yoruba Mid Tone
 Lionel Posthumus; Absolute and Relative Tenses in Zulu
 Jane Akinyi Ngala; The Dholuo Syllable Structure
 Mamadou Niang; Role of the Degree of Fluency on Language Choice in Language
 Yetunde Laniran & G.N Clements; Downstep Revisited
 Robert Botne; To Assert Or To Doubt: Evidentiary Justification in Kelega
 Eluzai Moga Yokwe; High Tone Alternation in Bari Language
 Osepetetreku Kwame Osei; The Akan Word 'Ya'
 Ian Maddieson; EMMA and Ewe
 Ronald P. Schaefer & Francis Egbokhare; Emotion Verbs in Emai
 Francis Moto; Aspects of Chichewa Phrasal Phonology
 Tajdeen Y. Surakat; Bilingual First Language Acquisition of an African Child
 Benjamin R. Munson, Jr.; An Acoustic Study of Uvulars in Tatooga:
 Evidence Against Quantal Theory
 Carolyn Harford; Infinitives in Gikuyu
 Donald G. Churma; Hausa Reduplication and Prosodic Theories of Reduplication
 Kathleen Hubbard; The Manifestation of Vowel Quantity in Bantu:
 A Comparative Study
 Katherine Demuth & Jeffery Gruber; IP Iteration & XP Sequences in Bantu
 William R. Leben; A Reanalysis of Hausa Plurals
 J. W. Snyman; The Clicks of Zu/'hoasi: A Confusion of Sounds?
 Mubangu Itangaza; WH-Movement in Kilega
 Brian D. McHugh; Optimality Theory and Hausa Noun Plurals
 Joseph Mfusi; Iscamtho: an Urban Vernacular or Zulu Slang?
 A.S. Nchimbi; Formant Structure of Kiswahili Vowels
 Mika Hoffman; The Surface Realization of Double-object Predicates in
 Kwa and Bantu
 Myles Leitch; Babole Verbal Reduplication
 Chukwuma Azuoney; Inspiration and Design of the Nwagu Aneke Igbo
 Syllabary From South-Central Nigeria
 Keith Snider; Tonal Downstep Or Upstep?


 Wafaa Batnan; The Syntax of Small Clauses in Arabic
 Olanike Ola; Non-exhaustive Syllabification in Yoruba
 S. A. Swanepoel; The Expression of Colour in Setswana:
 A Terminological Challenge
 Alhassoumi Sow Salamatou; Les Sujets Du Predicat Peul
 Sharon Rose; Verb Templates and Floating Affixes in Ethio-semitic
 Sophia A. Adjaye; Akan and English Proverbs
 Paulette Roulon-Doko; L'expression De La Qualification (l'exemple
 Du Gbaya 'bodoe)
 Andy Mothusi Chebanne; The Imbrication of Suffixes in Setswana
 J. H. Olowe; A Critique of the Modern Yoruba Orthography


For all of these, please identify yourself as connected with the African
Linguistics Conference. On campus, dorm rooms are available. For
reservations contact:

Doug Koyle, Conference Housing $25.00 Single
OSU $14.75 Double
85 Curl Drive $10.25 per person in triple or quadruple
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone 614-292-9725

Contact them as early as possible: July 1 is the absolute deadline.


Red Roof Inn $33.99-$44.99 Single
Phone 800-874-9000 $40.99-$51.99 Double
315 and Ackermann $51.99 three people
Refer to block number B-121-0000-62.
Rooms must be paid for with cash or credit card.

It is possible (but dispreferred) to contact Natasha at (Phone)
614-876-3345 or (Fax) 614-771-8722. Please leave a return phone
or fax number so she can contact you.

Deadline for reservations: July 12

Olentangy Inn $26.95 1 person 1 bed
Phone 800-354-3492 $31.95 2 persons 1 bed
Phone 614-294-5211 $36.95 2 persons 2 beds
1299 Olentangy River Road

Deadline for reservations: June 15

Cross Country Inn (OSU South) $34.95 1 person 1 bed
Phone 800-621-1429 $41.95 2 persons 1 bed
Phone 614-291-2983 $43.95 2 persons 2 beds
Fax 614-766-6953
1445 Olentangy River Road Ask for Beth.

Deadline for reservations: July 8.

Holiday Inn OSU $57.00 1-4 people
328 Lane Ave.
Phone 800-465-4329
Phone 614-294-4848

Deadline for Reservations: July 1.

Fawcett Conference Center $45 single
2400 Olentangy River Road $52 double
Phone 800-637-2316 $60 king
Phone 614-292-3238

Deadline for Reservations: June 23


OSU is accessible from the airport by cab ($13-$16), or by COTA bus
(fare $1.10 with transfer). Take the bus from the airport to downtown,
and transfer to an appropriate bus there. Which bus is better depends
on where you are going:

General Campus, Holiday Inn, Dormitories:
 #2 North going north on High Street to campus.

Fawcett Center, Red Roof Inn
 Kenny Local #18: to Ackermann.

Olentangy Inn, Cross Country Inn
 #3 or #5: to 3rd or 5th and Olentangy River Road.

We will run a shuttle bus to the conference venue stopping at the Red
Roof Inn, Cross Country Inn and Olentangy Inn at 8:10 and 8:40 on
Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Friday we will provide a shuttle bus
to the conference site at the Fawcett Center, stopping at the Cross
Country Inn and Olentangy Inn at 8:00 and 8:30. The Fawcett Center is
within three blocks of the Red Roof Inn, and is also walkable from the
Holiday Inn and the north dormitories.

To pre-Register, please send the following information along with your

Name ________________________________
Address ________________________________

 ________ Student Preregistration ($12.00)
 ________ Faculty Preregistration ($17.00)
 ________ African Banquet Tickets ($7.00 each)

Please send a check payable to the 24th Annual Conference
on African Linguistics by July 12 to:

 24th ACAL
 Department of Linguistics
 222 Oxley Hall
 1712 Neil Avenue
 Columbus, OH 43210
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