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Fri 29 Jan 1993

Confs: Corpus-based linguistics

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  1. Helen Karn, Conference program: Corpus-based Linguistics

Message 1: Conference program: Corpus-based Linguistics

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 17:44 ESTConference program: Corpus-based Linguistics
From: Helen Karn <>
Subject: Conference program: Corpus-based Linguistics

 Program: Corpus-Based Linguistics

 Wednesday, March 10, 1993

 Pre-Session of the Georgetown University Round Table
 on Languages and Linguistics 1993 (GURT 1993)

 Intercultural Center (Room 101)
 Georgetown University, Washington, DC

9-9:30 Alice Freed, Montclair State College
 Data collection and interactive sociolinguistics

9:30-10 John Du Bois, University of California Santa Barbara
 Designing a corpus of spoken American English:
 Implications for spoken language research

10-10:30 Ann Taylor and Anthony Kroch, University of Pennsylvania
 The Penn parsed corpus of Middle English:
 A syntactically annotated database

10:30-11 Break

11-11:30 Henry Thompson and Miles Bader, University of Edinburgh
 Publishing a spoken and written corpus on CD-ROM:
 The HCRC map task experience

11:30-12 Don Walker and Susan Hockey, Bell Communications Research and CETH
 Putting the corpus into the library and getting it out

12-12:30 Alan Huffman, Columbia University and City University of New York
 The linguistic corpus as linguistic testing ground

12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2 Eric Brill and Shyam Kapur, University of Pennsylvania
 An information-theoretic solution to parameter setting

2-2:30 Philip Resnik, University of Pennsylvania
 Using semantic classes in corpus-based analysis

2:30-3 A. Anderson, E. Boyle, and E. Bard
 University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh
 Forms of introduction in dialogues:
 Their discourse contexts and communicative consequences

3-3:20 Break

3:20-3:45 Doug McKee, John Maloney, and Chinatsu Aone, SRA
 Using corpora to improve performance of a knowledge-based
 NLP system

3:45-4:10 Inderjeet Mani, Elaine Lusher, and T. R. Macmillan
 MITRE Corporation
 Identification of unknown proper names in large corpora

4:10-4:35 Tomek Strzalkowski, New York University
 Natural language processing in large-scale text retrieval tasks

4:35-5:00 J. J. Godfrey and M. Y. Liberman, University of Pennsylvania
 The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)

For registration information, please contact Helen Karn, GURT 1993
Coordinator, at one of the following: gurtguvax.bitnet (or) voice: (202) 687-5726 fax: (202)
687-5712 (Washington, DC Relay Service for the hearing impaired: (202)
855-1234); (or) School of Languages and Linguistics, 303 Intercultural
Center, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057-1067.
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