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Sat 19 Jun 1993

Confs: International Workshop on Parsing Technologies

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  1. Harry C. Bunt, ITK, IWPT'93

Message 1: IWPT'93

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 14:32:58 IWPT'93
From: Harry C. Bunt, ITK <>
Subject: IWPT'93


 10 - 13 August 1993
 Tilburg (NL)/Durbuy (B)

 Sponsored by ACL/SIGPARSE
 Association for Computational Linguistics
 Special Interest Group on Parsing

 The Third international Workshop on Parsing Technologies
 (IWPT'93) will take place this year on August 10 through 13.
 Like IWPT'89, this workshop will take place in two locations:
 on August 10-11 on the premises of Tilburg University in
 Tilburg, in the South of The Netherlands; the workshop then
 moves to the of a resort in the Ardennes in Durbuy, Belgium.

 Topics of interest include:
 Theoretical and practical studies of parsing algorithms for
 natural language sentences, texts, fragments, dialogues,
 ill-formed sentences, speech input, and multi-dimensional
 (pictorial) language.

 Workshop Chairman: Harry Bunt (Tilburg)

 General Chairman: Masaru Tomita (Pittsburgh)

 Program Committee: Robert Berwick, Harry Bunt, Ken Church,
 Aravind Joshi,Ronald Kaplan, Martin Kay,
 Bernard Lang, Makoto Nagao, Anton Nijholt,
 Mark Steedman, Henry Thompson, Masaru Tomita,
 K. Vijay-Shanker, Yorick Wilks, Kent Wittenburg

 C a l l f o r P a r t i c i p a t i o n

 To register, fill out the electronic registration form at the
 bottom of this message and send it to

 Harry Bunt
 IWPT'93 Workshop Chair
 ITK, Institute for Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence
 Tilburg University
 500 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands

 Inquiries should be directed to:

 IWPT'93 Secretariat
 phone + 31-13-663168
 fax + 31-13-662537

 Provisional program listing
 The following submitted papers will be presented:

* Rens BOD (Amsterdam, Netherlands):
 Monte Carlo parsing

* Eric BRILL (Philadelphia, USA):
 Transformation-Based Error-Driven parsing

* Harry BUNT and Ko van der SLOOT (Tilburg, Netherlands):
 Parsing as dynamic evaluation

* Bob CARPENTER (Pittsburgh, USA):
 Compilation of Typed Attribute-Value Logic Grammars for Parsing

* Gennaro COSTAGLIOLA (Salerno, Italy)
 LR Parsing from an Arbitrary Starting Point

* Nigel R. ELLIS, Roberto GARIGLIANO and Richard G. MORGAN (Durham, England):
 A New Transformation into Deterministically Parseable Form for
 Natural language Grammars

* Joe GARMAN, Jeffery MARTIN, Paola MERLO and Amy WEINBERG
 (Geneve, Switzerland and College Park, Maryland, USA)):
 A Parameterised Principle-based Parser for Foreign Language Training
 in German and Arabic

* G.F. van der HOEVEN (Enschede, Netherlands):
 An algorithm for the construction of dependency trees

* Sadao KUROHASHI and Makoto NAGAO (Kyoto, Japan):
 Structural Disambiguation in Japanese by Evaluating Case Structures
 based on Examples in Case Frame Dictionary

* Alon LAVIE and Masaru TOMITA (Pittsburgh, USA):
 An Efficient Word-Skipping Parsing Algorithm for Context-Free Grammars

* Rene LEERMAKERS (Eindhoven, Netherlands):
 The use of bunches in parsing theory.

* Rudi LUTZ (Brighton, England):
 "Dual" Chart Parsing of Flowgraphs for Program Understanding

* David D. McDONALD (Brandeis U., USA):
 The interplay of syntactic and semantic node labels in partial parsing

* M.J. NEDERHOF and J.J. SARBO (Nijmegen, Netherlands):
 Increasing the Applicability of LR Parsing

* Michael O'DONNELL (Sydney, Australia):
 Parsing with Systemic Grammar

* Stephan RAAIJMAKERS (Tilburg, Netherlands):
 A proof-theoretic reconstruction of HPSG

* James ROGERS and K. VIJAY-SHANKER (Newark, Delaware, USA):
 Towards a Formal Understanding of the Determinism Hypothesis
 in D-Theory

* Ralph ROENNQUIST and Mats WIREN (Saarbruecken, Germany):
 Fully Incremental Parsing

* Klaas SIKKEL and Rieks op den AKKER (Enschede, Netherlands):
 Context-Free Head-Corner Parsing in Cubic Time

* Daniel D. SLEATOR and Davy TEMPERLEY (Pittsburg, USA):
 Parsing English with a Link Grammar

* Tomek STRZALKOWKSI (New York, USA):
 Evaluation of TTP parser: a preliminary report

* Hozumi TANAKA, Takenobu TOKUNAGA and Michio AIZAWA (Tokyo, Japan)
 Integration of Morphological ans Syntactic Analysis based on the LR
 Parsing Algorithm

* Hideto TOMABECHI (Tokushima, Japan):
 A Soft Graph Unification Method for Robust Parsing

* Paul OUDE LITTIGHUIS and Klaas SIKKEL (Enschede, Netherlands):
 Generalized LR Parsing of Attribute Grammars

* Akira USHIODA, Alex WAIBEL, Ted GIBSON, David EVANS (Pittsburgh, USA):
 The Automatic Acquisition of Frequencies of Verb Subcategorization
 Frames from Tagged Corpora

* A. Ruvan WEERASINGHE and Robin P. FAWCETT (Cardiff, UK.):
 Incremental Parsing in Systemic Functional Grammar

* Fuliang WENG (Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA):
 Handling Syntactic Extra-Grammaticality

* Kent WITTENBURG (Bellcore, USA):
 Adventures in Multidimensional Parsing: Cycles and Disorders
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