LINGUIST List 4.49

Fri 29 Jan 1993

Calls: Korean, Chinese, Clitics

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  1. Lee & Whitman, Call for Papers
  2. , Call for Abstracts
  3. Aaron L. Halpern, Reminder: second position workshop (call for papers)

Message 1: Call for Papers

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 93 10:50:10 ESCall for Papers
From: Lee & Whitman <RHYLEEUCONNVM.bitnet>
Subject: Call for Papers

 Worshop on Interface Areas

 (Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics and Acquisition)

 in Korean Linguistics

 (The Ohio State University)

Dates: July 17, 18
Interested participants should submit a 1-page abstract (anonymous), with
a name card (with title, author's name, affiliation, address, e-mail address,
phone number). Deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 31, 1993.

Contact: Chungmin Lee or John B. Whitman
 Department of Linguistics Department of Modern Languages and
 Seoul National University Linguistics
 Seoul, 151-742 Cornell University
 Korea Ithaca, NY 14853
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Message 2: Call for Abstracts

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1993 09:41 PDTCall for Abstracts
From: <HSPHILTWNAS886.BitNet>
Subject: Call for Abstracts

 Fourth International Symposium
 on Chinese Languages and Linguistics
 Call for Abstracts

Organized by: The Institute of History and Philology,
 Academia Sinica
Location: International Academic Activities Center, Academia Sinica
 Date: July 18-20, 1994
General Session: Theoretical and descriptive linguistics on Chinese
 and languages spoken in China
Parasession: Typological Studies of Languages in China
Room and board will be provided for by the IsCLL Committee for first author
of accepted papers. An honorarium to be used towards travel expenses will
also be provided for selected scholars.

 Deadline for abstracts: December 31, 1993
 Notification of acceptance: February 25, 1994
 Deadline for full papers: May 10, 1994

Form: Anomynous Abstract: No longer than two (2) type-written pages.
 Additional pages for data and references can also be included.
 Please include the title of your paper, along with your name,
 affilation, and mailing address on a separate page.

 Paper: Camera-ready, high-quality printout of no longer than
 twenty-five A4 (8.5 X 11 inches) size pages.
Address: Please send all abstracts, papers and correspondence to :
 Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng
 Secretary of Organizing Committee
 Institute of History and Philology
 Academia Sinica
 Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan 115
 Republic of China
Telephone: (02) 7829555 ext. 2402
Fax: 886-2-786-8834
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Message 3: Reminder: second position workshop (call for papers)

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 16:17:52 ESReminder: second position workshop (call for papers)
From: Aaron L. Halpern <>
Subject: Reminder: second position workshop (call for papers)

Workshop on Second Position Clitics
July 10, 11 1993. The Ohio State University


Send two copies of proposed papers to:
 Aaron Halpern / Arnold Zwicky
 Linguistics - 222 Oxley Hall
 1712 Neil Ave.
 Columbus OH 43210-1298

Questions or comments about the workshop can be directed to us
by e-mail: and/or


A workshop on second position clitics will be held on Saturday July 10th
(and possibly Sunday the 11th) as a supplementary event to the Linguistic
Institute held in Columbus, Ohio. The organizers (Arnold Zwicky and Aaron
Halpern) are soliciting papers that combine a theoretical approach to some
aspect of second position with a relatively detailed description of a

The proposed format of the workshop is to have around ten papers, 30
minutes in length, with 10 minutes for discussion. It is expected that
the papers will be collected into a volume; written responses by workshop
participants will be invited (and published along with the main papers).

If you want to take part in this workshop, send a version of your
proposed paper (suitable for presentation within half an hour), or an
extended abstract, to the organizers at the address below. Submissions
should reflect a knowledge of previous work on (second position) clitics.

Some topics of interest to theoretical linguistics are given below. (This
list is not intended to be exhaustive, just indicative.)

 - The nature of the principles or mechanisms for ensuring that
 material is located in second position (syntactic, prosodic,
 - Accounts of the variation from language to language as to what
 counts as second position (e.g., after the first word, after the
 first syntactic constituent) and how the variants are related
 - Why particular constructions don't allow clitics after the first word of
 a clause in a language in which this position is otherwise available
 - Fronted phrases, and whether they count as first or are skipped
 - Comparisons of 2P clitics with different functions (pronominal,
 (auxiliary) verb, adverbial/particle)
 - Relationships between 2P and V2 (second position clitics and
 verb-second constructions)S
 - Relationships between second position clitics and head-located clitics
 (attached to verbs).
 - Relationships between scrambling (giving either free constituent order or
 free word order) and second position for clitics.
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