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Tue 29 Jun 1993

Jobs: Computational, Second Language

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  1. Sebastian Millies, Jobs: Computational Linguistics/Computer Science
  2. Patricia Brooke, Researchers, Natural Language Processing
  3. , Second Language Research

Message 1: Jobs: Computational Linguistics/Computer Science

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 93 17:14:57 +0Jobs: Computational Linguistics/Computer Science
From: Sebastian Millies <>
Subject: Jobs: Computational Linguistics/Computer Science




We are offering several research positions in the VERBMOBIL project.
This project involves many academic and industrial sites in Germany.
It is funded by the German Ministry for Research and Technology.
VERBMOBIL is concerned with the development of a portable translation
system in "face-to-face"-communication.

The VERBMOBIL-Subproject at the Department of Computational Linguistics
will be concerned with Semantic Processing, in particular:

- the development of a semantic formalism
- the description of a fragment of German in this formalism
- a computational treatment of anaphora and ellipsis
- implementing a working subsystem of VERBMOBIL

Candidates should have experience in computational linguistics or com-
puter science. Experience in NL-Semantics, Grammar Formalisms or AI/NL-
Programming is desirable. The successful candidate will be expected to
work both on theoretical issues and practical implementation.

The Department of Computational Linguistics and Speech Science has a well
-established international reputation in the study of NL grammar, NL se-
mantics and Speech. There is close cooperation with the German Center for
Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and other institutions both inside and out-
side Germany.

The project will last until December 1996, with the possibility of exten-
sion depending on funding. There are several positions available immedi-
ately. They are on the BAT IIa/Ib scale (upwards of ca. DM 65,000/year).

Applications should include CV and an outline of research experience and
interests. Names and addresses of references would be helpful. Applica-
tions should be sent by mail, email or fax to the address below, from
where further information may also be obtained.

Please write until July 1, 1993.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Pinkal
Dept. of Computational Linguistics
University of the Saarland
6600 Saarbruecken

fax: +49 (681) 302-4351
Sebastian Millies <>
Saarbruecken University, Dept. of Computational Linguistics
Tel: +49 (681) 302-4497, Fax: +49 (681) 302-4351
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Message 2: Researchers, Natural Language Processing

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 93 13:19:44 PDResearchers, Natural Language Processing
From: Patricia Brooke <>
Subject: Researchers, Natural Language Processing


The Natural Language Processing group at Microsoft Research
is looking for a computational linguist with a background in
English syntax, an interest in stylistics and the complexity of prose,
and the desire to work on a large real-world NLP system that
deals with unrestricted text.

Primary responsibilities include designing and developing
User Interface and systems level software for an advanced
NLP system. A minimum of 3 years demonstrated
microcomputer software design and development experience
in C is required. Knowledge of Windows programming, statistics,
DSP, or user interface development is preferred. A BA/BS
in computer science or related discipline is required. An
advanced degree (MS or Ph.D.) in a related discipline is

 Make The Most of Your Future.

At Microsoft, our technical leadership and strong
Software Developers and Researchers stay ahead of the
times, creating vision and turning it into reality.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter, noting
"ATTN: Patricia Brooke" to:

 Microsoft Recruiting
 ATTN: Patricia Brooke
 One Microsoft Way
 Redmond, WA 98052-6399


Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer working to
increase workforce diversity.
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Message 3: Second Language Research

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 93 23:25 EST
From: <LHARTGMUVAX.bitnet>
Subject: Second Language Research


 Subject to final approval, the School of Language Studies
(SLS) at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), U.S. Department of
State, seeks to contract, through the Center for the Advancement of
Language Learning (CALL), with a full-time research assistant
from August 1993 through August 1994. The position is
described below. If interested, you should send a CV and a
statement of how your qualifications meet the needs of the project
for which you are applying. E-mail or fax is preferable to
"snailmail" at this stage; addresses given below.


 PROJECT: FSI, in collaboration with Yale University, will
design and test language learning aptitude items in the area of
coping with unfamiliarity and tolerance for ambiguity. Test items
will deal with the lexical, syntactic, and semantic levels and will
be both visual and aural/oral. A sample of FSI students will test
the items and also supply information on demographic factors,
[previous language learning background, personality and affective
factors, the Modern Language Aptitude Tests, and faculty evaluation.

 TASKS: The FSI assistant to this project will:
 (1) participate in development and evaluation of draft
items (which will for the most part be developed at Yale),
 (2) manage routine communication between FSI and Yale
 (3) collect, administer, and score instruments,
 (4) participate in data analysis,
 (5) compile an annotated bibliography on learning aptitude
in general and language learning aptitude in particular,
 (6) participate in the organization of a proposed conference
on language aptitude to be jointly sponsored by CALL and FSI, and
 (7) participate in drafting project reports.
 The assistant will report to the Research, Evaluation, and
Development unit at FSI.

 (1) BA/BS in language teaching, linguistics, or psychology
(graduate study in applied linguistics, educational psychology,
psychometrics, second language acquisition, and/or aptitude
 (2) Significant proficiency in at least one foreign language
 (3) Writing ability
 (4) Familiarity with empirical research design and practice
and statistical methods preferred.

If interested you should send a CV and statement by July 15 to:

 Dr. Lucinda Hart-Gonzalez
 Foreign Service Institute
 U.S. Department of State
 1400 Key Boulevard
 Arlington, VA 22209

 office: (703) 875 - 7342
 fax: (703) 875 - 5040

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