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Tue 29 Jun 1993

FYI: List of Language Lists

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  1. Michael Everson, List of Language Lists, version 1.1

Message 1: List of Language Lists, version 1.1

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 93 13:41:17 GMList of Language Lists, version 1.1
From: Michael Everson <EVERSONIRLEARN.UCD.IE>
Subject: List of Language Lists, version 1.1

Computer Bulletin Boards for Individual Languages

Prepared by Bernard Comrie and Michael Everson
Version 1.1 (13 May 1993)

This file lists bulletin boards devoted primarily to the
linguistic study of individual languages and groups of
languages (though a couple of others, in particular lists
for language learners, have been included as well). It
would be great if other correspondents to LINGUIST
will be encouraged to maintain corresponding lists for
branches of linguistics, particular approaches to
linguistics, language teaching, etc.

The usual way of subscribing to a list is to send the following
message to the listserver (not to the address for enquiries):

 SUBSCRIBE <name of list> <your first name> <your last name>

In the listing below, the name of the list is given in
capital letters inside parentheses. When you subscribe,
you will receive instructions on how to contribute to
the list, and on how to remove your name from the subscription
list (usually: SIGNOFF <name of list> (UNSUBSCRIBE works too)).

A list of mailing lists available on Internet is available by
anonymous ftp from ( in the file
/netinfo/ interest-groups. A directory of scholarly electronic
conferences is maintained by Diane K. Kovacs
(dkovacskentvm.bitnet or and is available by
sending the message

 get acadlist readme

to one of the following addresses:


The materials you will receive include instructions for getting
more detailed descriptions of particular sets of electronic
conferences (e.g. LANGUAGES, LINGUISTICS). Those interested in
contacting speakers of languages (not necessarily linguists)
should also consider contacting the appropriate soc.culture list
(e.g. soc.culture.polish).

The order of the lists follows somewhat the Library of Congress
Subject headings; no attempt at bibliographical perfection has
been attempted.

Please send corrections and emendations to this list to:
 Bernard Comrie (comrieuscvm) and
 Michael Everson (

[Moderators' note: a more complete version of this posting,
including a full list of language bulletin boards, is
available on the server. To get the file, send a message to: (if you are on the Internet)
 listservtamvm1 (if you are on the Bitnet)
The message should consist of the single line:
 get langbb lst linguist
You will then receive the complete file.]
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