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Wed 30 Jun 1993

FYI: New Program: Distant Study in Russian

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  1. Virtual University administrator, New Program: Distant Study Courses in Russian

Message 1: New Program: Distant Study Courses in Russian

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 93 19:30:05 +0400 (MSD)
From: Virtual University administrator <>
Subject: New Program: Distant Study Courses in Russian
 First of all, we should like to get answers for two technical questions:
 1. Is this forum the best for use for this project?
 2. Is this project adequate for time and circumstances we live in?
 Your notes will be highly appreciated.
 Best regards,
 Vladimir Mansurov,
 General Director of the Association of Universities
 of Russia
*----------------------- Informational Letter 1--------------------------
 offer an original
 Association of Universities of Russia is the nongovernment
nonprofit organization that unites more than 40 major universities,
technical colleges, business and law universities and other
organizations in Russia.
 Association of Universities of Russia has as its major goal the
development and implementation of new technologies in education
and scientific research, that would provide self-financing and
financial independence for various academic groups, secure life-time
of scientific project. The future development of international
contacts in the sphere of science and humanities as well as
participation of ready-to-act groups of professors, research
schollars, teachers and programmers in the international corporated
projects are also implied.
 One of the projects initiated by the Association of
Universities of Russia is the project of "DISTANT STUDY".
 The main feature of "DISTANT STUDY" is that professors and
students communicate by means of telecommunications, and particularly
- by electronic mail.
 "DISTANT STUDY University" will advertize its plans and course
offering at several teleconferences in Internet, EARN and Bitnet.
Education is to be paid for. Price depends on the uniqueness of
the course and its duration, qualification of "lector" and other
specific compatitive advantages, labor-consuming factor for professors
involved and other factors. But in any way the cost of courses must
provide availability of education for any person desiring to learn.
 A tutor (professor, associate professor or assistant professor)
will be assigned to every student enroled at the program. They will
communicate personally by E-mail. The tutor will answer the student's
questions, estimate his knowledge, give him recommendations and
advices and discuss any topics. They will communicate directly, using
their E-mail addresses, so their communication will be strictly
confidential. At the same time, the Association will hold some
teleconferences to secure Electronic Bulletine Boards for discussion
of subjects of public concern to make them available to all
interested students and vast public. After the course is over the
student may pass an examination in order to get certificate.
 In the future, the Association is planning to offer the full-term
Distant Education in several major disciplines. Upon completing the
courses and after passing all examinations the student will receive
a Diploma of the Association of Universities of Russia.
 Now we announce the first enrollment in the DISTANT STUDY
 The full course comprises the following student programms:
 0. Russian for beginners - 6 months (48 lessons)
 1. Corrections - 3 months (24 lessons)
 2. Mastering 1 - 3 months (24 lessons)
 3. Mastering 2 - 3 months (24 lessons)
and a special programm
 4. Russian for teachers - 6 months (48 lessons).
 This fall we start the DISTANT STUDY COURSES with the program
CORRECTION which is the first step in the improvement of your Russia.
The program will help you to develop your reading and writing skills.
It includes grammatical topics, (morphology, syntax) and a good deal
of lexical material. In the lessons of the programm there are
dialogues, texts, questions, special exercices and tasks as well as
their analyses.
 The lessons have comments in English.
 First Distant Study Course Programm (CORRECTIONS) will take 3
autumn months. The cost of programm CORRECTIONS for students is US $250,
for university stuffmembers - $400, for other enrollers - $500.
 At any time we are ready to start up the programm "Russian for
beginners" and programms by individual agreement.
 The cost of programm "Russian for beginners" for students is US
$1000, for other enrollers - $1500. This price includes postage (12
tape cassetts with 48 course lessons and tutor remarks, recorded on
the tape cassetts and sent to you be DHL post service), LINGVO
electronic dictionary and general English-Russian and Russian-English
electronic vocabularies (for use at PC acompatible computers),
non-limited amount of your tape cassetts addressed at your tutor and
operated by him and used in communication sessions, and discount for
your next Distant Study programms ("Corrections", "Mastering 1",
"Mastering 2", "Russian for teachers" and (if any) individual study
out of any programm.
 No time schedule presumed. Our students will choose the rhythm of
their work, and we shall tune up.
 This programms will be offered to you by the Association of
Universities of Russia and Educational Center VESTA. The best
Specialists from the Russian Department of the Patris Lumumba
University in Moscow with vast experience in teaching new-comers
from all over the world are engaged. Their original mothods are
implemented to provide the perfect results most effectively.
 We advice enrollers to visit Russia after Mastering 1 and
Mastering 2 programms (in winter or in spring) by the invitation of
the Association of Universities of Russia and Educational Center
VESTA and have 3 weeks of intensive studies with their professors.
 The cost of visit to Russia is not included. The value of
expenses in Russia will depend on the hotel class and services.
 Assimilation of the programms will essencially help in development
of abilities to understand and speak Russian.
 We invite you to enroll the distant study courses!
 In shortest possible time we shall publish the list of courses in
natural sciences offered for students all over the world.
 We have no doubt that unique methods of education widely used
in University Education in Russia, that are well known world-wide,
now may become available for everyone abroad Russia.
 DISTANT STUDY-TEACHING APPROACH not only saves your time and
money, but
- uses special highly effective methods,
- is exclusively individual,
- permanently supports interactive regime of communication between
 student and teacher,
- is realized on the base of modern means of communications that
 is in full agreement with the contemporary line of integration of
 the educational process and increasing of the level of
 intellectual efficiency.
 You may register for courses by E-mail:
 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
 Our correspondence address:
Russia, 117607, Moscow, Udaltsova str., 89-37.
Phone, fax (7-095) 931-3084 (Moscow day time),
FIDO UniR BBS 2:5020/12 (8N1 MNP5 2400 mail only Moscow night time)
 Sincerely yours,
 Vladimir Mansurov,
 PhD., Professor,
 General Director
 of the Association of Universities
 of Russia
====================== end of Information Letter 1 =====================
*-------------------------- Information Letter 2 -------------------------
 Dear Colleagues,
 Let us inform you about the tools that may be successfully used
not only in Distant Study Courses of Russian Language, organized by
the Association of Universities of Russia, but also in your
professional work.
 We advice to use the complex of electronic dictionaries LINGVO
(Linguistic Vocabularies). This complex comprises the shell-programm
for DOS and MS Windows and some electronic vocabularies:
- General English-Russian (38 000 words),
- General Russian-English (38 000 words),
- Computer English-Russian (10 000 words),
- Extended Computer English-Russian (35 000 words),
- On Informatics and Computer Science English-Russian (5 600 words),
- Polytechnical Russian-English (15 000 words),
- Mathematical Russian-English (12 000 words),
- Mathematical English-Russian (8 000 words),
- On Aviation Technology English-Russian (33 000 words),
- On General Machinery Technology English-Russian (8 000 words),
- On Robotics English-Russian (15 000 words),
- On Petroleum and Chemistry English-Russian (7 700 words),
- On Economics English-Russian (20 000 words)
 Trade English-Russian/Russian-English (4 000 words) and
 Commerce English-Russian/Russian-English Explanatory (1 200 words),
- On Economics Russian-English (20 000 words),
- On Radio English-Russian (6 400 words).
 Users may create their own vocabularies with the help of utility
of LINGVO complex. LINGVO may be used at PC compatible computers with
640 Kb (or more) RAM and occupies 2-10 Mb of Hard Disk space. Shell-
programm is TSR (RAM-resident) and takes less than 46 Kb. Access time
is about 0.1 sec. Information retrieval involves all active
vocabularies. Up to 20 vocabularies may be active (open)
simultaneously. LINVGO is activized by "hot key" that may be assigned
by user at the stage of installation or reconfiguration of the system.
 We also want to advertise the complex of computer aided
interpreters STYLUS that can successfully operate in the following
fields of applications:
- PROMT - English-Russian for software texts,
- BUSLET - English-Russian Business lettes,
- RUBUS - Russian-English Business letters,
- FRLET - French-Russian Business letters,
- GERM - German-Russian Business letters,
- ITAL - Italian-Russian Business letters
 We can recommend to use Russian spell-checker LITERA, which we
successfully use for more then 2 years.
 Demo versions of LINGVO, PROMT, BUSLET, FRLET and LITERA (with
price list) are available at UniR BBS (Fido 2:5020/12, 8N1 MNP5
(7-095) 931-3084 Moscow night time (21:00-05:00 GMT, 0:00-07:00
Moscow Time)). Users may visit this BBS as Virt Univ guests (1Name
Virt, 2Name Univ, no password needed).
 Your requests for additional information and orders for
programms you may direct to:
 Sincerely yours,
 Alex Bashin,
 Chief Manager
 of the Association of Universities
 of Russia
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