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Wed 07 Jul 1993

Confs: Deaf Bilingualism, Robustness, Sentence Processing

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  3. Judith Tucker, Seventh Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference 1994

Message 1: Bilingualism for the Deaf

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 13:56:49 BSBilingualism for the Deaf
Subject: Bilingualism for the Deaf

II Congresso Latino Americano de Bilinguismo (Lingua Oral - Lingua de
Sinais) para Surdos
II Latin American Congress on Bilingualism (Oral Language - Sign
Language) for the Deaf

September 12-17, 1993

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
College of Letters
Department of Linguistics

For further information, please contact:

Lucinda FERREIRA BRITO (Mrs.) fax number: 55(21)280-3141


Send a E-mail message to Luiz Carlos SOUZA (Mr.)

Address: Caixa Postal 16.285
 Largo do Machado
 Rio de Janeiro - RJ
 CEP 22.222-970
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Message 2: (GMT)

Date: 05 Jul 1993 16:24:20 +0000 (GMT)
From: <>
Subject: (GMT)


Organized by the Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
 on the occasion of its 5th anniversary
 28-30 October 1993

The human language faculty shows a remarkable robustness with respect
to incomplete information. Many possible features are not realized in the
signal of a normal linguistic utterance; and on the meaning side too, the
interpretation is highly underdetermined by the expression itself. Yet, in
the normal case, understanding is not in any way hampered by this. It
may well be that the availability of knowledge from other cognitive
domains contributes to the overall success, or perhaps this robustness is
caused by the modular structure of the linguistic system itself. Information
that disappears from one module would be compensated for via another
module. The central question of this conference will be how this
robustness of the language system can be explained, focusing in particular
on the role of non-linguistic information and higher order redundancy.

 Topics include:
Aphasia, Contextual vs Grammatical Conditions on Interpretation,
Language Acquisition, Language Processing, Overdetermination and
underspecification in phonology, Partial information in Computational
Linguistics, Phonetic Underspecification, Sign Language.

 Invited Speakers:
 Stephen Anderson Bjorn Lindblom
 Johan van Benthem Ann Mills
 Leo Blomert K.P. Mohanan
 Chris Darwin David Perlmutter
 Denis Delfitto Louis Pols
 Molly Diesing Tanya Reinhart
 Greg Dogil Ivan Sag
 Jim Huang Michael Tanenhaus
 Rene Kager Louis des Tombe
 Ruth Kempson Henk Verkuyl
 Paul Kiparsky Juergen Weissenborn
 David Lightfoot Ken Wexler

Organization: For more information:
Peter Coopmans Research Institute for Language & Speech (OTS)
Martin Everaert Utrecht University
Eric Reuland Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht
Wim Zonneveld The Netherlands
 tel: +31-30-536006
 fax: +31-30-536000
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Message 3: Seventh Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference 1994

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 93 12:20:46 EDSeventh Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference 1994
From: Judith Tucker <LNGGCCUNYVM.bitnet>
Subject: Seventh Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference 1994

The Seventh Annual Cuny Sentence Processing Conference will be held at
the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New
York from Thursday March 17 to Saturday March 19, 1994. Programs and
further information will be mailed out at the end of thes summer.
Professor Janet Fodor
Linguistics Program
CUNY Graduate Center
33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
e-mail: lnggccunyvm
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