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Sum: Cross-linguistic Metaphor

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Message 1: Summary: X-Ling Studies Metaphor

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 17:30:11 MDSummary: X-Ling Studies Metaphor
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Subject: Summary: X-Ling Studies Metaphor

Thank you for your responses. Here is a summary of what I received.

Rocio Guillen.

Summary: Cross-Linguistic Studies in Metaphor


Alan Cienki <>

You may want to consult the following bibliographies for references to
interlinguistic works on metaphor:
Van Noppen, Jean-Pierre, comp. 1985. Metaphor: A Bibliography of Post-
1970 Publications. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Van Noppen, J-P and Edith Hols, comp. 1990. Metaphor II: A Classified
Bibliography of Publications from 1985-1990. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins.

*** (John Bro)

Eric Kellerman has does some stuff on 2nd Lang Acq and perceived
transferability of metaphors, esp Eng/Dutch & French. Here's a ref:

Kellerman, E. (1986) An Eye for an Eye: Crosslinguistic Constraints
 on the Development of the L2 Lexicon.
 in Kellerman, E. & Sharwood Smith, M. (Eds.)
 Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Acquisition.
 Pergamon Press 1986. ISBN 0-08-030325-0.

This article, along with Lakoff's WFDT inspired me to do a paper on
the cross-linguistic metaphorical relations between French 'sur' and
'over-' .

Bro, J. (1992) Crosslinguistic polysemy: the story of 'sur'.
 in Simpson, J. (Ed). Focus: UF Working Papers in Linguistics.
 University of Florida. 1992.

Melissa Bowerman has also done a lot of stuff on spatial prepositions (which
 involve a lot of metaphorical extensions) in English, Dutch and especially



There's an issue of Poetics Today that is about to come out which will contain
 examples of metaphors in various languages. Person to contact is probably the
special editor of the volume, Yeshayahu Shen, email: yshentaunivm.bitnet, or
 else, by snailmail, The Porter Institute, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv,


Brian King <>

I did my dissertation on metaphors of emotion in Chinese at Ohio State U in the
 dept of East Asian Langs and Lits in 1989. It's called The Conceptual Structure
 of Emotional Experience in Chinese. James Matisoff 1986. Hearts and minds in
 S.E. Asian Langs
and English. Cahiers de linguistique: Asie orientale 15 (1), 5-57. might also be
 useful. Zoltan Kovecses sent me an ms. of a paper comparing metaphors of anger
 in diff langs but I don't know if and where it was published.


Not a cross-linguistic study, per se, but maybe of interest. PhD thesis by the
 outgoing President of the International
Sign Linguistics Association who gave analyses of 'metaphors we live by' a
new twist by looking at the visual metaphors embedded within sign
Stockholm, Stockholm


"don l. f. nilsen" <>

Has a bibliography on metaphor covering related topics.
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