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Mon 26 Jul 1993

FYI: Software on Michigan Linguistics Fileserver

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Message 1: Software available on

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 93 10:50:20 EDT
From: <>
Subject: Software available on
Dear Colleagues,
Having recently updated the index (00index.txt) files on the Mac and DOS
software directories on the University of Michigan Linguistics Archive
(, I thought it might be worthwhile to
post them to LINGUIST all at once. As the collection increases, I hope
to be able to post updates from time to time.
All of the software here is available via anonymous FTP.
*Brief* instructions:
 ftp -- to connect to the archives
 <log in as "anonymous">
 <give your e-mail address as your password>
 cd linguistics -- to get to the linguistics archive
 cd software -- to get to the software directories
 cd mac -- to get to the Mac directory
... or ...
 cd dos -- to get to the DOS directory
 ls -ls -- to see a list of files
 (binary) -- in dos directory *only*; to set up binary transfer
 get <filename> -- *exactly* as in file listing; Unix is CaSe-SeNsItIvE !
 -- Repeat "get" commands as needed
 quit -- to log off
If you want more information on ftp, let me know and I'll send you what
I have available. However, your best resource is your local system
guru, since installations vary considerably.
If you have software you'd like to make available on the archives, put
it in linguistics/uploads *AND THEN SEND E-MAIL TO ME ABOUT IT*.
(I won't put anything in the archives without information about where it
comes from.)
By the way, there's a lot more on the archives besides software.
Check out linguistics/papers, linguistics/papers/available, and
linguistics/handouts/syllabi, for instance.
We welcome contributions and suggestions.
-John Lawler <>
 Linguistics Archivist Program in Linguistics University of Michigan
 Directory structure of
 (where you log in) ---> /
 (cd linguistics) ---> linguistics
 | | | | | | |
 | lexica handouts uploads | papers software
 | | | | |
 | +------+----+------+ | available +---+---+
 | | | | | | | | |
 | syllabi exams misc problems | dos mac unix
 | |
 fonts linguist.list
 | |
 +---+---+ +--------+---+----+--------+
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 dos mac next volume.1 volume.2 volume.3 volume.4
Index of Mac software on /linguistics/software/mac directory:
This list is intended to include all and only the files within this
directory. You may find that some of the paths listed here do not point
to this directory. That is ok; the physical paths are given here but
there may be a link in another location.
If you find any problems or you wish to add to or change the
descriptions given here, please do not hesitate to write
 [NB - All files in the mac archive are ASCII text files, and may be
 downloaded in TEXT mode. You will need the indicated compression
 utility (CompactPro or various flavors of StuffIt) to decompress
 114 1/27/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
 A Hypercard version of the raw data from the 1991 LSA Members'
 Computer Survey.
 18 10/23/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
 A Hypercard version of an extremely simple, "one-from-column-A-and-
 one-from-column-B" pseudotext generator, with modules covering
 Software Engineering, Folklore Research, and Government and Binding
 Theory. DOS version: /linguistics/software/dos/ (with source
 code in TurboPascal).
 612 6/3/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
 A set of 11 HyperCard educational stacks about linguistics, including
 Fnek Slab (English phonemic symbols) and HyperHomer (a hypertext
 version of the prooemion to the Iliad in Homeric Greek). Requires
 HyperCard and MacInTalk.
 363 2/6/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
 This program will create by-character or by-word concordances for
 any text you feed it. Searching, sorting, and other capabilities.
 Well done.
 864 12/18/91 BinHex4.0,StuffIt1.5.1
 This stack is an introduction to Esperanto, a "universal" language
 designed to be used as a second language. The stack contains a lot of
 information, including a full alphabet, example sentences/
 transactions. It talks as well, if Macintalk is installed. Also
 called "Esperanto KL" and "hiperkarto-stako". Requires HyperCard.
 556 2/28/93 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.05
 "A brief, but complete introduction to the grammar and vocabulary of
 the international language, Esperanto." Will talk if MacinTalk is
 available. Requires HyperCard.
 131 4/13/92 BinHex4.0,StuffItDeluxe
 KTEXT, a morphological parser that processes text. Intended to be
 used with PC-KIMMO (though it is a stand-alone program).
 243 7/19/93 BinHex4.0,Self-Extracting Archive
 Matt Neuburg, PhD <>
 Greek Verb Help (V.1.2) is a stand-alone application (created with
 Storyspace) providing hypertext access amongst the various parts of
 the paradigm of the Greek o-class verb, with comments pointing out
 various pitfalls and ambiguities. Moods, tenses, and voices are
 color-coded. Free, and free to distribute.
Index of DOS software on /linguistics/software/dos directory:
 [NB - All DOS files except those explicitly marked as "text" must be
 downloaded in *BINARY* mode. Do a 'BINARY' command before doing
 an FTP 'GET'. You will need a ZIP utility (PKZIP is the most
 common one) to decompress these; self-extracting archives are
 DOS programs that unpack themselves upon being run.]
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 9/11/91 318,640 compressed
 [NB: embedded subdirectories, unzip w/ -d option]
 Evan Antworth, Summer Institute Of Linguistics <>
 IT, interlinear text processor, version 1.1c. For developing a corpus
 of annotated interlinear text. The centerpiece of IT is a program
 called itp -- an interactive and automated interlinear text processor,
 which retrieves interlinear word and morpheme annotations from an
 on-line database of lexical information which it maintains. Produces
 ASCII files useful for concordancing, indexing, or display formatting.
 Also includes a collection of other software tools which support the
 conversion of conventional texts to interlinear text format and which
 support the maintenance of the auxiliary lexical database files.
 /linguistics/software/dos/interbas.exe 5/6/93 894,537 self-extracting
 /linguistics/software/dos/interba1.exe 5/20/93 1,258,380 self-extracting
 /linguistics/software/dos/interbas.txt 5/20/93 3,653 text
 Sergei P. Trapeznikov, Sergei I. Kuchin <>
 An English demo of the InterBase system for constructing natural
 language interfaces for databases in xBase format for MS-DOS, together
 with a series of demo linguistic processors for various applied
 software systems.
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 4/5/93 2,048 executable
 John Lawler, University of Michigan <>
 Displays a quotation from Sapir.
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 4/2/92 26,839 compressed
 John Lawler, University of Michigan <>
 An extremely simple, "one-from-column-A-and-one-from-column-B"
 pseudotext generator, with TurboPascal V.5.5 source code and modules
 covering Software Engineering, Folklore Research, and Government and
 Binding Theory. Mac version: /linguistics/software/mac/foggy.cpt.hqx
 (requires HyperCard 2.x)
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 11/3/92 125,559 compressed
 John and Muriel Higgins, School of Education, Bristol BS8 1JA, UK
 VERBALIST (V.1.1) is a "verb-building robot" that demonstrates various
 inflectional forms of English verbs, and indicates as well some of
 their collocational restrictions. Includes an interesting summary of
 the overt rules used.
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 10/31/91 296,728 compressed
 [NB: embedded subdirectories, unzip w/ -d option]
 Evan Antworth, Summer Institute Of Linguistics <>
 SHOEBOX (V.1.2a) is a database program for field linguists. Can
 enter, edit, and analyze lexical, textual, anthropological and other
 types of data, maintain a dictionary or more complex lexicon, inter-
 linearize text, automatically entering new words into the dictionary,
 do grammatical filing and analysis of text data, enter and file
 cultural notes, and maintain nonlinguistic types of databases, such as
 address lists or library catalogs.
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 1/28/92 32,132 compressed
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 1/28/92 104,933 compressed
 /linguistics/software/dos/ 1/28/92 237,010 compressed
 [NB: embedded subdirectories, unzip w/ -d option]
 Evan Antworth, Summer Institute Of Linguistics <>
 PC-Kimmo and KTEXT morphological parsing utilities.
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