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Mon 01 Feb 1993

Jobs: NSF Division Director for Soc., Beh., & Econ. Research

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  1. , NSF Seeks Division Director for Soc., Beh., & Econ. Research

Message 1: NSF Seeks Division Director for Soc., Beh., & Econ. Research

Date: 1 Feb 93 17:20 EST
From: <>
Subject: NSF Seeks Division Director for Soc., Beh., & Econ. Research

Please circulate the following letter and attachment as widely as
possible. This is a truly open search, and we are very anxious to
find the best possible candidates!


Paul Chapin, NSF

Dear Colleague:

I am seeking your assistance in identifying potential candidates
for the position of Division Director for Social, Behavioral and
Economic Research. The appointment may be in the Senior Executive
Service (SES) or as an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)
assignment. A position announcement is enclosed.

The Division Director for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research
(SBER) manages one of the largest research divisions in the
Foundation. The Division has a staff of 52 employees and a budget
of about $65 million.

The SBER Division is responsible for supporting disciplinary and
interdisciplinary research and other activities through 16 programs
organized into five clusters: Anthropological and Geographic
Sciences; Cognitive, Psychological, and Language Sciences;
Economic, Decision, and Management Sciences; Social and Political
Sciences; and Science, Technology, and Society.

I look forward to any help you may be able to offer in this search
for candidates with outstanding scientific and administrative
qualifications. I am especially interested in identifying women,
members of minority groups and disabled individuals for
consideration. Please send nominations, including self-
nominations, with curriculum vitae, to my Executive Officer, Mr.
Jeff Fenstermacher no later than March 1, 1993.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

 Sincerely yours,

 Cora B. Marrett
 Assistant Director

SBER Position Announcement



NSF's Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences is
seeking qualified candidates for the position of Director,
Division of Social, Behavioral and Economic Research. NSF is
inviting nominations (including self-nominations) of persons who
might be interested in coming to the Foundation on either a
two-to-three year Senior Executive Service (SES) appointment or
an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignment. A
statement of duties of the position and a list of qualification
requirements are included on the reverse side of this

o SES Limited Term Appointment The SES covers managerial
positions above Grade 15 in the Federal Service. Persons
appointed to the SES are eligible for Federal benefits (i.e.,
health benefits, life insurance coverage, social security,
retirement, thrift savings plan, annual and sick leave).

o IPA Assignment Initial assignments under the IPA may be made
for a period of up to two years. Individuals eligible for an IPA
assignment with a Federal agency include employees of State and
local government agencies or institutions of higher education,
Indian tribal governments, and other eligible organizations in
instances where such assignments would be of mutual benefit to
the organizations involved. The individual remains an employee
of the home institution and cost-sharing arrangements are
generally negotiated between NSF and the home institution.

Please submit nominations (including self-nominations), along
with a curriculum vitae to:

 Mr. Jeff Fenstermacher
 Executive Officer, Directorate for
 Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
 National Science Foundation
 1800 G Street, N.W., Room 538
 1800 G Street, NW
 Washington, D.C. 20550
 (202) 357-7571

The closing deadline for receipt of nominations is March 1, 1993.


 Director, Division of Social, Behavioral and Economic Research
 Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

Statement of Duties: Manages the NSF Division responsible for
funding research in the areas of social, behavioral and economic
science. Assesses research needs and trends, presents plans for
future development, determines funding requirements, prepares and
justifies budget estimates, balances program needs, allocates
resources, oversees the evaluation of proposals and
recommendations for awards and declinations, supervises staff,
and represents NSF to relevant external groups.

1. Demonstrated ability to achieve organizational objectives
through the supervision and management of subordinates. Includes
knowledge and ability relating to the recruitment, selection,
supervision and development of professional and support staff
involved in diverse endeavors.

2. Knowledge of and ability to plan multidisciplinary research
programs in the social, behavioral and/or economic sciences; to
present and advocate program plans or recommendations to peer
groups or higher level decision-making groups; and to allocate
resources within broad budgetary limitations.

3. Ability to coordinate effectively with representatives of
scientific, and engineering communities, both nationally and
internationally, including industrial and/or academic researchers
and the administrators of research and educational institutions.

4. Demonstrated ability, at the decision-making level, to
prepare long-range and annual plans, conduct periodic reviews to
determine progress and, if necessary, initiate remedial action.

1. Skill in changing and balancing complex and diverse program
demands with available resources, in response to major advances
or needs in scientific research and technological developments.

2. Demonstrated ability to exercise sound professional judgement
in recommending the initiation of research in the social,
behavioral and economic sciences.

3. Skill in the management or administration of a large-scale
research activity including implementation of resource allocation

1. Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience or a combination
of education and equivalent experience in anthropology,
economics, geography, linguistics, political science, psychology,
sociology, or other social or behavioral sciences.

2. Substantial research contributions and strong evidence of
scholarship in a social, behavioral, or economic science field,
as evidenced in publications, or innovative leadership in
research administration.

3. Demonstrated knowledge of relevant academic community and
recognized professional standing in the scientific community as
evidenced by publications and/or professional awards.

1. Demonstrated broad knowledge of diverse fields of the social,
behavioral and economic sciences.

2. Knowledge of grant and contract administration, fiscal
management, and budget preparation with experience in scientific
research support.
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