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Wed 28 Jul 1993

FYI: Windows: Special Characters, Cree font

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  1. Paul T Kershaw, FYI: Special characters
  2. Paul T Kershaw, Cree font

Message 1: FYI: Special characters

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1993 18:53:02 FYI: Special characters
From: Paul T Kershaw <>
Subject: FYI: Special characters

For those of you with Windows who would like to be able to use the diacriticked
vowels, I pass along this tidbit from the 8/93 WindowsUser (p. 165): Inside
Control Panel's International settings option, select English (International)
as the language and US (International) as the keyboard layout. These settings
affect the ' " ` ~ ^ keys such that they don't appear until after you press
another key. If you type a vowel (or, in the case of ~, an a, o, or n), a
diacritic appears over the vowel ('=acute, `=grave, "=umlaut, etc.). IF you
type anything else, the standard character. Two further notes: c-cedilla may
be gotten via '+c, and pressing the space bar forces the apostrophe, etc., to
appear, but does NOT create a blank space after it. (I may the last on the
block to find all of this out, but in case I'm not, here it is.)

-- Paul Kershaw, Michigan State University, KershawpStudent.MSU.Edu
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Message 2: Cree font

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1993 22:28:04 Cree font
From: Paul T Kershaw <>
Subject: Cree font

I have developed for my own use using Fontographer 3.5 (Windows) a font for the
Cree orthography, which I am willing to distribute gratis to anyone who's
interested. Unfortunately, I don't have convenient access to FTP, and so any
distribution is limited to Snail Mail. Also, I can't vouch for similitude
between my keyboard map and any standard that might exist. The font is
available either as a Windows TrueType font or as a Fontographer .FOG file, the
latter of which would simplify alterations for Fontographer users. Specify
which type of file you want (or both), and send a SASE (Self-Addressed
Stamped Envelope, for those with acro(nymo)phobia) and either size and density
formatted floppy to:
 Paul Kershaw
 300 E. Main #109
 Lansing, MI 48933 USA
(I will be out of town the first two weeks of August, so there might be some
delay during that period.)

-- Paul Kershaw, KershawPStudent.MSU.Edu, Michigan State University
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