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Confs: Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition

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Message 1: GALA: Programme & Registration Form

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 93 20:02:41 BSGALA: Programme & Registration Form
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Subject: GALA: Programme & Registration Form


 G A L A
 G A L A

 17 (Friday) - 19 (Sunday) September 1993

 G A L A is the follow-up to the 1991 "Crossing Boundaries"
 conference on language development held in Durham's sister-city,
 Tuebingen. G A L A 1993 aims to bring together research within
 a generative framework on all aspects of language development.


 P R O V I S I O N A L P R O G R A M M E

Non-plenary talks are 30 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion session.


10:10-13:30 PRE-CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES (see the pre-registration form)

11:00-14:00 REGISTRATION (School of Education, lobby)

14:00-14:40 J. Weissenborn (Max Planck) & Z. Penner (Berne)
 The acquisition of the DP: The role of grammatical features
 and the acquisition path

 S. Felix (Passau)
 Mental biology in second language acquisition

14:45-15:25 A. Ferdinand (HIL/Leiden)
 The acquisition of subject verb agreement in French

 S. Dooley Collberg (Uppsala) & G. Hakansson (Lund)
 The parametric preference hypothesis

15:30-16:10 M. Saxton (Oxford)
 When the bough breaks...: Problems in grafting linguistics
 onto psychology

 A. Sorace (Edinburgh)
 Scalar grammaticality for wh-extractions: Empirical evidence
 and conceptual consequences for L2 acquisition

16:10-16:40 TEA

16:45-17:25 C. Jakubowicz (Labo. de Psychologie Experimentale, Paris)
 On the morphological specification of reflexives

 M. Brennan (Durham)
 Modality setting

17:30-18:10 C. Koster (Groningen)
 Pseudo-errors with pronominals

 C. Carrithers & B. Weinstein (Rutgers) & C. Patrie (Gallaudet)
 Deaf spellers do NOT learn English spelling as a second

18:10-18:45 SHERRY HOUR
18:45-20:15 DINNER (College of St. Hild and St. Bede)

20:30-21:30 PLENARY: Guest Lecture by Juergen Meisel (Hamburg)
 Simultaneous first language acquisition: A window on
 early grammatical acquisition

21:30-23:00 RECEPTION: Dessert & local music (bar open till 24:00)


8:30-11:00 REGISTRATION (School of Education, lobby)

9:00-9:40 A. Vainikka & T. Roeper (UMass-Amherst)
 Operators and CP in early acquisition

 N. Mueller (Hamburg)
 Against parameter resetting in second language acquisition

9:45-10:25 U. Lakshmanan (S. Illinois)
 The acquisition of relative clauses by Tamil children

 S. Nimmrichter (Pennsylvania)
 Predication as a licensing relation in L2 acquisition

 H. Goad (McGill)
 Consonant harmony is reduplication

10:30-11:10 K.K. Saah (Ghana/Ottawa) & H. Goodluck (Ottawa)
 Island effects in adult and child sentence comprehension: A
 crosslinguistic study of English and Akan

 D. Robertson (Edinburgh)
 What counts as triggering evidence in SLA?

 S.J. Hannahs (Durham) & E. Stotko (Delaware)
 Morphological acquisition and phonological theory

11:10-11:40 COFFEE ("Elevenses")

11:45-12:25 N. Hyams & J. Schaeffer (UCLA) & K. Johnson (UMass-Amherst)
 On the acquisition of verb particle constructions

 M. Zampini (Arizona)
 An interlanguage rule of Spanish spirantization and current
 phonological theory

12:30-13:10 I. Barbier (Cornell)
 'Unscrambled objects' in the acquisition of Dutch

 J. Pater (McGill)
 Metrical parameter missetting in second language acquisition

13:15-14:25 LUNCH

14:30-15:10 A. Hulk (Amsterdam)
 Some questions about questions

 H.K.J. van der Lely & L. Stollwerck (Birkbeck College, London)
 Binding theory and specifically language impaired children

15:15-15:55 C. Boster & S. Crain (Connecticut)
 The interaction of 'every' and 'or' in child language

 L. Eubank (North Texas)
 Verb placement and inflection in German SLI

15:55-16:25 TEA

16:30-17:30 PLENARY: Guest Lecture by Lydia White (McGill)
 Interlanguages as natural languages: Implications of
 parameter miss-setting in SLA

18:15-19:00 DURHAM BY BOAT
20:00-22:30 DINNER (St. Cuthbert's Society)


9:00-10:00 REGISTRATION (School of Education, lobby)

9:15-9:55 A. van Hout (Max Planck), J. Randall (Northeastern/Max Planck)
 & J. Weissenborn (Max Planck)
 Are linking rules universal? Learning unaccusativity in Dutch
 and German

 G. Ioup (New Orleans)
 Comparing two near-native L2 learners of Egyptian Arabic: One
 instructed, one naturalistic

10:00-10:40 N. Duffield (Duesseldorf/McGill)
 The significance of rogue null subjects in German child

 T.I. Kaplan (Iowa)
 Implications of L2 acquisition for maturation

10:45-11:25 C. Hamann (Geneva)
 German 0-subjects and 0-objects: Null-constants,
 null-operators and pro

 A.T. Perez-Leroux (Penn State) & X. Li (Northern Virginia CC)
 Binding in L2 acquisition of wh-movement

11:25-11:55 COFFEE ("Elevenses")

12:00-13:00 PLENARY: Guest Lecture by Ken Wexler (MIT)
 The development of developmental studies of
 inflection: A cross-linguistic perspective

14:30-15:10 A. Weinberg (Maryland)
 Morphology and minimalism meet maturation: The case of the
 "passato prossimo"

 A. Henry (Ulster at Jordanstown)
 Why syntax is different: A UG approach to language disorders
 in children

15:15-15:55 A.P. Saleemi (Singapore)
 Small children's short derivations: Movement constraints in
 early Urdu syntax

 T.C. Bourgeois (Arizona)
 Resolving a paradox in phonological acquisition: Learning
 distinctive segments without minimal pairs

16:00-16:40 I.M. Tsimpli (Newcastle)
 Aspect inside VP: Evidence from early grammars

 H. Wode (Kiel)
 Speech perception and the learnability of languages


 For a GALA registration packet--which includes maps as well as
 information on: the conference venue, travelling to and around
 Durham; meals/accommodation; other conferences in the UK prior
 to GALA--please contact the GALA 1993 Coordinators at:

School of English and Linguistics e-mail:
University of Durham
Elvet Riverside II, New Elvet phone: (44) 91-374-2315 / 2643
Durham DH1 3JT
ENGLAND fax: (44) 91-374-7471

o_\/ _ _ _ CUT HERE _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
o /\

 Deadline for pre-registration: RECEIPT BY 15 AUGUST 1993

Name _______________________________________________________________________

Affiliation ________________________________________________________________

Mailing address ____________________________________________________________




phone ________________ e-mail _________________________ fax ________________

Please tick if you require a BSL interpreter ___

Pre-registration includes the boat trip on the River Wear on Sat. evening.

 on-site registration pre-registration
 regular L40 (US$63 / Can$80) regular L34 (US$53 / Can$68)
 student L20 (US$31 / Can$40) student L15 (US$24 / Can$30)
 (Enclose proof of student status.) = ____

You must pre-register for accommodation and meals.

 please tick: Thursday ___ Friday ___ Saturday ___ Sunday ___

 single room ___ double room, sharing with ________________________

 L14 (US$22 / Can$28) / night (PER PERSON (x __)) x no. of nights __ = ____

If you plan to arrive prior to Friday, 17
September, give your expected arrival time: _________________________

The LAGB is to be held 13-15 September in Bangor, Wales. If there
is sufficient interest, inexpensive transport by coach from Bangor
to Durham will be arranged for 16 September. Are you interested? ___

 Friday 10:10-11:00 guided tour of Durham Castle
 11:15-12:00 Durham Heritage Centre
 12:00/12:30 pub lunch at the Court Inn

 L5 (US$7.80 / Can$10) (x no. of people __) = ____

 lunches (both at St. Hild/St. Bede)

 please tick: Saturday ___ Sunday ___

 L5 (US$7.80 / Can$10) / lunch x no. of lunches __ = ____

 dinners (with wine--Fri.: St. Hild/St. Bede; Sat.: St. Cuthbert's)

 please tick: Friday (includes dessert buffet) ___ Saturday ___

 L14 (US$22 / Can $28) / dinner x no. of dinners __ = ____

 tick if you require vegetarian meals ___

 TOTAL ____

Please pay ("GALA") in sterling by bank draft or Eurocheque or by check in
US or Canadian dollars, and send to:

 GALA Organizing Committee
 School of English and Linguistics
 University of Durham
 Elvet Riverside II, New Elvet
 Durham DH1 3JT

Students interested in applying to School of English and Linguistics PhD
programmes should contact GALA for special registration information.
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