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Wed 04 Aug 1993

FYI: Preprint Available: Harris (Phonemic Theory)

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  1. John Lawler, Preprint Available: Harris (Phonemic Theory)

Message 1: Preprint Available: Harris (Phonemic Theory)

Date: Wed, 4 Aug 93 15:38:12 -04Preprint Available: Harris (Phonemic Theory)
From: John Lawler <>
Subject: Preprint Available: Harris (Phonemic Theory)

Dear colleagues,

 The following paper is now available on the Linguistics Archive at via anonymous FTP. Once you log on, follow
these procedures:

 cd linguistics {brings you to the linguistics directory}
 cd papers {brings you to the papers directory}
 get <file-name> {*Precisely* as spelled, including UPPER-case}

If you want to download the PostScript driver to print the .ps papers,
you should also type in a

 binary command before you execute the

 get <file-name>

- John Lawler
 Program in Linguistics linguistics-archivist
 University of Michigan

 ************************************** PostScript: queue (or concatenate) postscrp.ini ahead of it
postscrp.ini PostScript initialization file
contrast.pln Flat ASCII, loses all font differentiations (subscript, etc.)

Bruce Nevin, 49 Sumner Street, Gloucester MA 01930-1546,

Harris the Revolutionary: Phonemic Theory (Revision of "Representations of
Contrast: Features and phonemes"), to be presented at ICHoLS VI 8/14/93
at Georgetown.

The Chomsky-Halle attack on taxonomic phonemics fails when applied to
the phonemic theory of Zellig Harris. Other linguists sought to define
contrast by analysis of phonetic data. For Harris, contrasts are
observational primitives, given by the pair test, and associated with
phonetic data. Distinctive features are an alternative representation.
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