LINGUIST List 4.60

Tue 02 Feb 1993

Calls: Mexico, Athapascan, WIKL, Acquisition

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  1. Karen Dakin, Conference announcement/call for papers
  2. , Athapaskan Language Conference
  3. Lee&Whitman, WIKL
  4. Gregory K. Iverson, 1993 UWM Symposium: Call for Papers

Message 1: Conference announcement/call for papers

Date: Mon, 01 Feb 93 21:21:35 MEX
From: Karen Dakin <>
Subject: Conference announcement/call for papers
 2nd National Congress of Linguistics
 August 23-25, 1993
This congress, organized by the Mexican Association of Applied
Linguistics and El Colegio de Mexico, will have sections on
traditional areas of descriptive and applied linguistics, as well
as the various interdisciplines of language sciences.
 Deadline for proposals: February 28, 1993.
Inquiries: AMLA, Apdo. Postal 22-800,
 14000 Mexico, D.F.
FAX: (011 525) 645 04 64
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Message 2: Athapaskan Language Conference

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 93 10:35 EST
From: <SPEAScs.umass.EDU>
Subject: Athapaskan Language Conference
 Athapaskan Language Conference
 June 3-4, 1993
 Institute of American Indian Arts
 Santa Fe, New Mexico
 Papers are invited from all areas of Athapaskan
 Language Study including Literacy, Bilingual Education,
 Sociolinguistics, Language Preservation, Historical
 Linguistics, Syntax, Morphology, Pragmatics, Phonology,
 Semantics. Submit 3 copies of a 1-page abstract by
 April 5 to:
 Peggy Speas
 Department of Linguistics
 South college
 University of Massachusetts
 Amherst, MA 01003
 The Hosts for the Conference, the Institute for American
 Indian Arts, has reserved a block of 40 dorm rooms, 25
 singles and 15 doubles  $17.00 per night(single). Nearest
 International Airport is in Albuquerque, NM. Reserve car
 rentals early, as Santa Fe gets crowded in tourist season!
For information on logistics, contact:
 Gloria Emerson, IAIA (505) 988-6431
For information on program, contact:
 Peggy Speas, U Mass (413) 545-6835
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Message 3: WIKL

Date: Mon, 01 Feb 93 13:45:18 EST
From: Lee&Whitman <RHYLEEUCONNVM.bitnet>
Subject: WIKL
A Second Announcement on WIKL with additional information !!!
 Worshop on Interface Areas
 (Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics,
 Pragmatics and Acquisition)
 in Korean Linguistics
 (The Ohio State University)
Dates: July 17, 18
Interested participants should submit three hard copies of a 1-page
abstract (anonymous), with a 3x5" name card (with title,
author's name,affiliation, address, e-mail address, phone
number). Paper title with author's name is expected to be sent
via e-mail by February 28. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is
March 31,1993. There will be a para-session on acquisition.
Contact: Chungmin Lee or John B. Whitman
Department of Linguistics Department of Modern
 language and
Seoul National University Linguistics
Seoul, 151-742 Cornell University
Korea Ithaca, NY 14853
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Message 4: 1993 UWM Symposium: Call for Papers

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 93 14:53:32 CST
From: Gregory K. Iverson <>
Subject: 1993 UWM Symposium: Call for Papers
October 8 - 10, 1993
Invited Speakers
Andrew Cohen University of Minnesota
Susan Gass Michigan State University
Stephen Krashen University of Southern California
Diane Larsen-Freeman School for International Training
Lydia White McGill University
We invite papers on all aspects of the relationship of second language
acquisition theory and pedagogy, including, but not limited to, the following:
- Language Assessment
- Implications of SLA Theory for L2 Pedagogy
- The relationship of markedness to SLA theory and L2 pedagogy
- Approaches to L2 Teaching
- Implications of Pedagogical Results for L2 Theory
- The Role of Grammar Instruction
- Empirical Studies on L2 Acquisition
- SLA Theory and Program Design
- The impact of UG on L2 pedagogy
- Affective Variables in L2 Learning
- Learning/Acquisition Dichotomy
- Modalities of Learning
 Papers will be twenty minutes followed by a ten minute question
period. It is anticipated that a selection of the papers presented will
be published in a proceedings volume. Abstracts are to be one, single-spaced
typed page (figures and references allowed on a second page). Send six copies
of the abstract (one with author's name and five anonymous) along with a 3"x5"
card containing the title of the paper, your name, mailing address (include
business phone and email), and institutional affiliation to:
 Linguistics Symposium Committee
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 P.O. Box 413
 Milwaukee, WI 53201
 Queries to the above address, or
 fax (414) 229-6258
 tel. (414) 229-4285
Notification of acceptance to be sent by May 15th.
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