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Mon 16 Aug 1993

FYI: Material Wanted: Languages of the World/Materials

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Message 1: Languages of the World/Materials

Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1993 12:00:44 +Languages of the World/Materials
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Subject: Languages of the World/Materials

Announcing a new book series:

Languages of the World/MATERIALS

This new series serves as a forum for the publication of grammatical
sketches and field work materials on languages that are unsufficiently
documented or information on which is not easily available. As languages are
becoming extinct at an ever faster rate, such a way of publishing the results
of fieldwork seems more and more important.
 The sketches should conform to a standard format (social setting, phonology,
morphology, syntax, sample text).

 Scientific Advisory and Coordination Board:

Walter Bisang (U Mainz) Lars Johanson (U Mainz)
F. Corriente (Zaragoza) Alan S. Kaye (Cal. SU Fullerton)
R.M.W. Dixon (ANU) Marianne Mithun (UC Santa Barbara)
Nikolaus Himmelmann (U Cologne) Jonathan Owens (U Bayreuth)
Aleksandr Kibrik (Moscow SU) Ekkehard Wolff (U Hamburg)

So far sketches on the following languages are planned and in preparation:

Gunin/Kwini William McGregor (Melbourne)
Ge'ez Stefan Weninger (Munich)
Kwamera Lamont Lindstrom (Tulsa) & John Lynch (Vanuatu)
Mbalanhu D.J. Fourie (Vaal Trinagle Technikon)
Godoberi Aleksandr E. Kibrik (Moscow SU, ed.)
Laz Ulrich J, Lueders (Munich)
Evenki Igor' V. Nedjalkov (ILIRAN St. Petersburg)

as well as works on Armenian, Cantonese, Chadian Arabic, Coptic, Even,
Ixtenco Otomi, Khoekhoe, Koiari, Nenets, Panare, Sango, Souletin Basque,
Ukrainian, Zazaki

P.O. Box 1316
D-85703 Unterschleissheim
Fax +49-89-3148909
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