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Thu 19 Aug 1993

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  1. John E. Koontz, Stammerjohann's Lexicon Grammaticorum

Message 1: Stammerjohann's Lexicon Grammaticorum

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1993 08:50:19 Stammerjohann's Lexicon Grammaticorum
From: John E. Koontz <>
Subject: Stammerjohann's Lexicon Grammaticorum

Prof. Harro Stammerjohann, of the Johann Wolfgang
Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main, is compiling a biographical
dictionary of linguists, to be called Lexicon Grammaticorum. Eric
Hamp of the University of Chicago is co-editor.

Though c. 14/15 of the work is already typeset and proofed, there are
still a few holes in the North American Section, according to a
solicitation just sent to contributors. In particular, as of August
1, they were looking for contributions to cover the following North
American linguists:

Andrade, Manuel (30)
Bobrinskoy, George V. (30)
Fries, Charles C. (30)
Joos, Martin (30)
Marckwardt, Albert (30)
Maurer, David (30)
Montague, Richard (60)
Father Morice (30)
Suarez, Jorge (30)
Swadesh, Morris (30)
Tillohash, Tony (30)
Voegelin, Charles F. & Florence R. (2 x 30)
Weir, Ruth (30)
Whorf, Benjamin L. (60-120)

The numbers are the number of 45-character lines suggested for the
contributions, which have a rather strict format.

If you would be interested in contributing on one of these linguists,
please contact Prof. Stammerjohann immediately at the Johann Wolfgang
Goethe-Universitaet, Institut fuer Romanische Sprachen und
Literaturen, Georg-Voigt-Strasze 4, Postfach 11 19 32, D 60054
Frankfurt am Main Telefon (Durchwahl) (069) 798-2491, 496180.

Prof. Stammerjohann asks that you try to reply by fax to (Germany)
69-798-8440, in the interests of speed, since they are close to their
publisher's deadline. There is apparently no email address.

(I have posted this on my own authority, without communicating with
Prof. Stammerjohann myself, on the grounds that the solicitation seems
to be general, and speed of the essence.)


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