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Tue 24 Aug 1993

FYI: IPA macros, Cree fonts available

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  1. , IPA Macros for WP Win
  2. Paul T Kershaw, Cree font FTP

Message 1: IPA Macros for WP Win

Date: 4 Aug 93 12:49:50 GMT-1200
From: <>
Subject: IPA Macros for WP Win
I have written some macros for WP Win to simplify the entry of SIL
IPA characters available by anonymous ftp on the U.Mich server. I
have uploaded the macros to U.Mich, although I don't know if they
have been cleared for distribution yet.
Three of the macros, Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2 and Ctrl-3 give you Eng, Glottal
Stop and Schwa respectively in Doulos 12pt (the chars we use most
often in Oceanic linguistics).
The other three macros, Ctrl-4, Ctrl-5 and Ctrl-6 give you dialogue
boxes where you can type a whole sequence of chars and have them
inserted into your doc. This simplifies the process of having to
change to, say, SIL Doulos, type the chars, then change back to the
font you are working in. Certain special characters can be typed
direct, e.g. N=eng; /=glottal stop. More exotic chars can be typed
as numbers which are then converted and inserted into the doc. Since
WP remaps chars typed using Alt and the numeric keypad, this provides
a quick and easy way to get at the characters in SIL's own docs
(which are very comprehensive, but mainly oriented towards Word for
Windows). Using these dialogue boxes, you could type, say
and get the sequence `a' + eng + `a' + glottal stop + open o.
You can stick all these macros on your `Macros' menu at the top of
the screen, if you can't be bothered remembering all the keys.
Manual.ipa is a `manual' - basically a set of IPA charts with the
corresponding IPA char nunbers, and a brief discussion of how to use
the dialogue boxes. You might be interested to load the dialogue
boxes as a WP doc and take a look - about two screens of Pascal-like
control structures and stuff.
I have experienced some difficulty printing this doc on a networked HP
Laserjet IIIsi, but it prints OK on a Star dot matrix, and on a
networked HP LaserJet II or III. On a Laserjet II, some of the chars
in the tables are scrunched a little.
Simon Corston (till 13/Aug/93)
12 Emano St
(mail will be redirected from the above postal address and will get
to me in Beijing, where I will be for the next two years).
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Message 2: Cree font FTP

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1993 00:40:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Paul T Kershaw <>
Subject: Cree font FTP
The Cree font which I mentioned on the list a few weeks back is now available
via anonymous ftp. Ftp to LINGUISTICS.ARCHIVE.UMICH.EDU. Login as Anonymous
and enter your address as the password. In order, type:
You'll need an unzipping program to decompress the files (typically PKUNZIP),
and Windows 3.1 (or OS/2) to use the TrueType font.
(Of course, the files are still available via Snail mail, in case your
"computer gurus" are as reticent as mine were to reveal the hidden secrets of
ftp-ing from a non-staff non-faculty remote account.)
-- Paul Kershaw, KERSHAWPStudent.MSU.Edu, Michigan State University
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