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Wed 25 Aug 1993

FYI: New program at Boston U.

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  1. Carol Neidle, New Degree Program

Message 1: New Degree Program

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 12:41:09 -0New Degree Program
From: Carol Neidle <>
Subject: New Degree Program

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at


 anticipates the opening in 1994 of a


[pending approval of the Boston University Board of Trustees].

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The program is designed for students wishing to acquire a solid grounding
in linguistic theory as well as expertise in an applied specialization.

 Applied linguistics encompasses a wide range of concerns. Central
among these is language development in all its facets--linguistic, social,
psychological, biological and educational. In consultation with their
advisor, students in the master's program will select one of these areas
and will choose a sequence of courses providing both depth and breadth in
their specialization.

 Master's Degree students will have the opportunity to work with
the faculty of the Doctoral Program in Applied Linguistics, many of whom
are currently engaged in applied linguistic projects. Faculty locations
include the Aphasia Research Center located in the Department of Neurology
at the School of Medicine; the Communication Disorders program within
Sargent College of Allied Health Professions; the Department of
Developmental Studies and Counseling in the School of Education; and the
Departments of English, Philosophy, Modern Foreign Languages, and
Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts. These faculty have established
associations with local institutions such as schools, clinics, and
hospitals, which provide opportunities for research and practice.


The Master of Arts program requires that students take eight courses
(32 credits) as follows:

 - Core requirements: Each student will take four courses
that provide an introduction to language, linguistic theory, and one
major area of applied linguistics. These required course offerings
will ensure that students have a solid foundation for their applied work.

 - Specialization requirements: Students will take four
additional courses in their area of specialization. In addition, each
student will complete a final master's project: a publishable paper or
a project of comparable scholarship, designed in consultation with the
student's academic advisor, that demonstrates competence in theories
and methods relating to a topic in the student's area of

Possibilities for specialization include the following:

 - Language acquisition and development
 - Neurolinguistics and language disorders
 - Language structure and linguistic theory
 - Bilingualism and language teaching
 - Language and literacy in schools


Bruce Fraser, Professor of Education
Jean Berko Gleason, Professor of Psychology
John Hutchison, Associate Professor of Modern Foreign Languages
Jacqueline Liederman, Associate Professor of Psychology
Michelle Mentis, Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders
Paula Menyuk, Professor of Education
Carol Neidle, Associate Professor or Modern Foreign Languages
 and Director of the Program in Applied Linguistics
Mary Catherine O'Connor, Assistant Professor of Education
Karl Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages
Rosario Lorenza Trigo, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Anticipated new faculty member in language acquisition and linguistic theory


 Maria Brisk, Associate Professor of Education
 Jeffrey Coulter, Professor of Sociology
 Joyce Friedman, Professor of Computer Science
 Harold Goodglass, Professor of Neurology and Communication Disorders
 Eugene Green, Professor of English
 Jaakko Hintikka, Professor of Philosophy
 Robert Hoffmeister, Associate Professor of Education
 Celia Millward, Professor of English

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For an application form or more information about the Master of Arts
program, write to:

 Boston University
 Program in Applied Linguistics
 718 Commonwealth Avenue
 Boston, MA 02215

 Phone: 617/353-6217
 Fax: 617/353/6218
 Electronic mail:

For information about the annual Boston University Conference on
Language Development, write to:

 Boston University
 Conference on Language Development
 138 Mountfort Street
 Boston, MA 02215

 Phone: 617/353-3085
 Fax: 617/353-6218
 Electronic mail:
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