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Wed 25 Aug 1993

Misc: software survey, thanks, Net-Advertiser

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  1. , Problem: Query: Linguistic software
  2. Catherine Caws, thank you P. Bleue
  3. NetAdvertiser, The Net ADvertiser

Message 1: Problem: Query: Linguistic software

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 93 09:31:50 +0Problem: Query: Linguistic software
From: <>
Subject: Problem: Query: Linguistic software

[Moderators' note: we are re-sending this because the author
tells us that some of the message was lost in transit.]

We are examining the ergonomy of linguistic
software. Therefore we are interested in information about
every natural language processing software.

Can you please complete the following form if you have information
about linguistic software or send us an email-address of somebody
who can help us.


Name of the product:

Modules the product contains:

Language supported by the program:

Configuration of computer (Hardware and OS) needed:

Programming Language:

Source-code available: yes/no



Possibility to get the product via ftp:


Additional remarks:


It would be very nice if ou could help us. The easiest way of an
answer would be via email.

Thank You very much in advance.

Martin Schulze
Institut fuer Computerlinguistik
Universitaet Koblenz/Landau, Abteilung Koblenz
Rheinau 1
56075 Koblenz
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Message 2: thank you P. Bleue

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1993 14:42:12 thank you P. Bleue
From: Catherine Caws <>
Subject: thank you P. Bleue

I would like to thank you all the people who kindly took the time to
answer my query. I've kept all your answers in a file and hope to be able
to use them again later on.

For those who haven't joined in the discussion but would like to do so,
i'd like to inform you that I have a new email address:

Encore merci a tous,

Catherine Caws
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Message 3: The Net ADvertiser

Date: 23 Aug 1993 16:45:38 +0200The Net ADvertiser
From: NetAdvertiser <>
Subject: The Net ADvertiser


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