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Thu 26 Aug 1993

Confs: Grammatical Relations

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  1. Katarzyna Dziwirek, GR Conference Program

Message 1: GR Conference Program

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 93 15:01:45 -0GR Conference Program
From: Katarzyna Dziwirek <>
Subject: GR Conference Program

6th Biennial Conference on Grammatical Relations
Simon Fraser University (at Harbour Centre)
September 16 18, 1993

Thursday Evening
6:30 Registration
7:00 Judith L. Aissen (UC Santa Cruz) "Absolutive Asymmetries in Tzotzil"
7:45 Kumiko Murasugi (McGill) "Inherent Case and NP Raising"
8:15 Colin Phillips (MIT) "S-structure Ergativity, LF Accusativity"
8:45 Phil Branigan (Memorial) "Subjects Aren't"
9:15 Gert Webelhuth and Farrell Ackerman (U North Carolina and UC San
"Phrasal Passive Predicates in German"

Friday Morning
9:30 Nora Gonzalez (Iowa) "Spanish Syntax Development in Children Ages 7
to 14 Years: RG Universal Laws and the Theory of Parameters"
10:00 Geraldine Legendre (Colorado) "Causative faire and the Causee
Prominence Constraint"
10:30 Jean-Pierre Koenig (UC Berkeley) "Linking Constructions as Word
Classes: Evidence from French"
11:00 Break
11:15 Paul M. Postal (NYU) "French Pseudopassives"
12:00 Lunch

Friday Afternoon
2:00 Edward L. Keenan (UCLA) "VP Nominative Languages"
2:45 Paul Law (UQAM) "Grammatical Relations in Malagasy Control
3:15 Frank R. Trechsel (Montana) "Binding and Coreference in Jacaltec"
3:45 Break
4:00 Videa De Guzman (Calgary) "Experiencers of Psych Verbs in Tagalog"
4:30 William D. Davies and Asun Martinez-Arbelaiz (Iowa and Cornell)
"Mapping Basque Psych Verbs"
5:00 Emmon Bach (Massachusetts) "Word-internal Semantic Relations in

Friday Evening
7:30 David M. Perlmutter (UC San Diego) "Templatic Syntax"
8:15 Donald Frantz (Lethbridge) "Mapping Southern Tiwa"
8:45 Kevin Russell (USC and Manitoba) "Underspecifying Grammatical
Relations in a Constraint-based Morphology"
9:15 David Kathman (Chicago) "Verb Agreement and Grammatical Relations"

Saturday Morning
9:30 Diane Massam (Toronto) "Localizing Case Systems"
10:00 Farrell Ackerman and John Moore (UC San Diego) "Grammatical Relations
and Affected Arguments"
10:30 Alana Johns (Memorial) "On Some Mood Alternations in Labrador
11:00 Yoshihisa Kitagawa (Rochester) "Excorporation: A Minimalist Approach
to GF-changing"
11:30 Mark Baker (McGill) "Why Unaccusatives Cannot Dative Shift"

Saturday Afternoon
2:15 Carol Rosen (Cornell) "Prepositions and Serial Predication in English"
3:00 Rosanne Pelletier (Yale) "Predication within Telugu nominals"
3:30 Christopher Culy and William D. Davies (Iowa) "Mapping Theory and
Fula Verbal Extensions"
4:00 Break
4:15 Stanley Dubinsky and Mazemba Nzwanga (South Carolina)
"Expletive Subjects in Lingala: A Challenge to Burzio's Generalization"
4:45 Maria Polinsky (USC) "Non-terms in Complex Predicates: From
Incorporation to Reanalysis"
5:15 Mika Hoffman (Swarthmore and ETS) "The Structure and Surface Form of
Benefactives and Other Prepositional Grammatical Relations"

7:00 Conference Party

6th Biennial Conference on Grammatical Relations

The meetings will take place in the Harbour Centre, the downtown campus of
Simon Fraser University, located at 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,
B.C. (see J on the downtown insert on the enclosed map). We will not be
meeting at the Burnaby mountain campus. Thursday night's meeting will be
held in room 1900. We will meet in room 1400-20 on Friday and Saturday.
A registration fee of $10 /students $20/faculty (GST included) will be
collected at the conference. We will also be seeking donations to help
defray the cost of refreshments/party.

Airport: There is an airport bus which goes to or within a block of the
hotels listed as closest to Harbour Center and within a two or three block
walk to the Y's. The rates are one way $8.25 and $14 round trip. Taxis cost
about $20 one way. City buses also service the airport.
Airport Improvement Fee: Passengers departing the Vancouver International
Airport are required to purchase an AIF ticket. Rates: $5 B.C.
destinations, $10 other North American destinations, and $15 destinations
outside North America.
Bellingham Airport: A couple of airlines, including Alaskan and American,
service the airport in Bellingham, Washington. Quick Shuttle
(1-800-665-2122, 1-604-244-3744) provides bus service from the airport to
several downtown Vancouver hotels (including the Sandman Inn and Ramada
Renaissance). They charge $13 US/one way; $23 US/round trip. The trip takes
1 3/4 hours including border crossing. Seven trips/per day are scheduled.
Reservations required.

We ask that you each make your own accommodation arrangements but please
contact if you have problems or questions. September is high
season in Vancouver so please book now. All prices are in Canadian
currency. Hotels charge an additional 17% for various taxes (see
information at the GST refund below).

Closest to Harbour Centre:
**YWCA: 580 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2K9, tel. (604) 662-8188,
in B.C. and Alberta (800)-663-1424, fax (604) 681-2550. Ten minute walk to
the conference site, buses available. The rooms with hall baths are for
women only. Mention the GR conference (Dept. of Linguistics, SFU) when
booking your room. The YMCA is holding a limited number of rooms at these
rate until August 3, 1993. Single (hall bath): $41; Single (shared bath):
$47; Single (private bath): $66; Twin (hall bath): $53; Twin (shared
bath): $61; Double (shared bath): $56;
Double (private bath): $66; There are also triplets with hall and shared
baths and quads and quints with shared baths.

YMCA: 955 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1YZ, tel. (604) 681-0221.
Fifteen minute walk to the conference site, buses available. Rooms without
bath for men and women. Single sex bathrooms in the halls. 10% reduction
for students. Single $28; Twin $47.

Days Inn: 921 West Pender, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1M2, tel. (604) 681-4335.
Five minute walk to the conference site. Single or double $125 (10%
discount to AAA and seniors). Limited number of rooms available at the
conference rate of ($85).

*Burrard Motel Inn: 1100 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1Y7, tel.
(604) 681-2331, in B.C. (800) 663-0366, fax (604) 681-9753. Fifteen
minute walk to the conference site, buses available. Single: $65; Double
$77; Queen $79; Twin $85. (Ask for corporate discount of 5%.)

Kingston Hotel: 757 Richards St (near Robson), Vancouver, B.C. V68 3A6. 15
minutes from Harbour Centre. Somewhat noisy non-picturesque neighborhood.
The rates include a continental breakfast. Single: $35-50 Double:$40-65
Twin: $60-75 (Ask for a Linguistics conference discount of l0%.)

Ramada Renaissance: 1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E
3T3, tel. (604) 689-9211. SFU university rate: Single: $70; Double $95 is
only available one month prior to conference, subject to availability.
(Otherwise $120-$200 single/double.)

Farther away from Harbour Centre:
**Barclay Hotel: 1348 Robson Street (near Jervis), Vancouver, B.C. V6E 1C5,
tel. (604)688-8850, fax 688-2534. Single/double : $69-$75 (Ask for SFU
corporate rate.)

**The Sands by the Sea (Best Western): 1775 Davie St. 1775 Davie St. (at
Denman) Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1V1, (604) 682-1831 Toll Free: (800) 528-1234.
Single/double $79 Twin $94 (Ask for University rate.)

**Sylvia Hotel: 1154 Gilford Street (near Denman), Vancouver, B.C. V6G
2P6, tel. (604) 681-9321. A small, charming place on English Bay. All
Rooms: $60-$85 ( Ask for SFU corporate rate).

Crash Space: There is very limited crash space for students attending the
conference. Please contact Nathalie Schpansky ( as soon as
possible. Please include the following information: male/female, length of
stay, smoker/nonsmoker.

GST REFUND: Non-residents of Canada can apply for a refund of all GST
(Goods and Services Tax; a 7% tax levied on almost everything) paid during
their visit. Receipts are required for this. Refund forms will be available
at the conference.
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