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Sat 06 Feb 1993

Jobs: Lexicon, graduate position in Netherlands

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  1. Ralph Grishman, Job opening: lexicon development
  2. "CRIT CREMERS, RU LEIDEN, ATW", graduate positions/jobs, Netherlands

Message 1: Job opening: lexicon development

Date: Thu, 4 Feb 93 15:36:53 -05Job opening: lexicon development
From: Ralph Grishman <grishmanGRIMM.CS.NYU.EDU>
Subject: Job opening: lexicon development

 Job Opening

The Proteus Project, a natural language research group within the
Computer Science Department at New York University, is currently completing
the planning phase of an effort to create a large English dictionary
containing the syntactic features needed for natural language parsing.
The dictionary will be created largely by hand, but with on-line
reference to various corpora.

We anticipate having an opening for a full-time research staff member,
starting March or April 1993, to coordinate this effort. This would
involve overseeing approximately six staff members creating dictionary
entries and dealing with users regarding their needs and possible
changes or extensions to the dictionary design. A candidate should
have experience in
 - linguistics, including transformational generative grammar
 - computer programming, including both Unix tools and Lisp
 - management or administration
Applicants with specific computational linguistics experience would
be preferred.

The Proteus Project is broadly interested in the problems of developing
text-based natural language applications, including information
extraction, document retrieval, and multi-lingual systems, with a
particular current interest in corpus-based automated acquisition
methods for syntactic and semantic knowledge. An applicant with
suitable background should have an opportunity to conduct or direct
research in these areas or in issues of lexical knowledge arising out
of the dictionary effort.

Please respond by e-mail indicating experience in the areas listed
above, specific areas of research interest, publications, and references.

 Prof. Ralph Grishman
 Computer Science Department
 New York University
 715 Broadway, Room 703
 New York, NY 10003
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Message 2: graduate positions/jobs, Netherlands

Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1993 16:19 MET graduate positions/jobs, Netherlands
Subject: graduate positions/jobs, Netherlands


The Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL) is a research
institute in the field of generative linguistics. Theoretical linguists
of Leiden University, the University of Amsterdam and the Free University
Amsterdam participate in this institute in order to further research
and the training of graduate students.

Starting on August 1, 1993, HIL offers:

 4 AIO / graduate student positions

An AIO / graduate student holds a four-year contract and will complete a
doctorate at one of the universities participating in HIL. At least 85%
of an AIO's working hours is intended for research and training.
HIL AIO's take part in the graduate teaching programme of HIL and are
assigned a supervisor from the staff of HIL. AIO's are exempted from the
payment of fees. AIO's receive a salary which provides sufficient
financial support to cover living expenses. HIL encourages foreign
students to apply for one of these AIO-positions.

Applicants for an AIO-position should have:
- completed their undergraduate training at a Dutch university or
 have a degree that is equivalent to the Dutch `doctoraal examen'
 (an MA degree from a well-known university will be sufficient
 in general);
- adedquate knowledge of English to be able to participate in graduate
 courses and discuss their work with members of the staff;
- adequate knowledge of generative linguistics, in at least one of the
 two areas of specialization: syntax & semantics or phonology & morphology.

Applications for an AIO-position should contain:
- a research proposal (max. 5 pages)
- samples of previous work in generative linguistics
- a curriculum vitae
- transcripts of course and grade lists
- two references

The HIL-brochure `HIL 1993-1994' contains more information concerning
the research programme and the graduate programme of HIL. A copy can
be obtained from the secretary of HIL (see below). Further information about
the four AIO-positions can be obtained from the direector of HIL (see below).

The deadline for applications is February 26, 1993. Decisions may be expected
before the end of may 1993.
Applications should be sent to the director of HIL.

Secretary of HIL Director of HIL
Faculteit der Letteren Hans Bennis
Rijksuniversiteit Leiden Faculteit der Letteren
Postbus 9515 Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
2300 RA Leiden Postbus 9515
The Netherlands 2300 RA Leiden
 The Netherlands

phone: +31 71 272101 +31 71 272128
fax: +31 71 272615
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