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Thu 16 Sep 1993

Confs: Japanese/Korean Linguistics

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  1. Shoichi Iwasaki, Japanese/Korean Linguistics (second notice)

Message 1: Japanese/Korean Linguistics (second notice)

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 93 22:53 PDT
From: Shoichi Iwasaki <IBENAUOUCLAMVS.bitnet>
Subject: Japanese/Korean Linguistics (second notice)

Pleae post the following slightly revised conference
announcement. Thanks.

 The Fourth Annual
 Japanese / Korean Linguistics Conference

 October 15-17, 1993
 University of California, Los Angeles
 Humanities Conference Room--3rd Floor Royce Hall

Co-sponsored by the Department of East Asian Languages and
Cultures(UCLA), the Department of Linguistics (UCLA),
Center for Japanese Studies (UCLA), the Center for Korean
Studies (UCLA), Office of the Dean of Humanities (UCLA),
and the Japan Foundation.


Friday, October 15

11:45 Registration

12:15 Welcome and announcements

12:30 Panel I: GB Syntax (Discussant to be announced)

"On NPI Licensing in Japanese"
 Hiroshi Aoyagi , USC / Toru Ishii UC Irvine

"Scrambling Without A/A' Distinction"
 Jun Abe, University of Connecticut

"Additional Argument Effects, Scrambling and the Minimalist
 Keun-Won Sohn, University of Connecticut

2:05 Break

2:15 "What are the Factors Affecting the Japanese
Accusative Case Marker Deletion?" Kenjiro Matsuda,
University of Pennsylvania

2:45 "The Japanese Copula da as a Social Deictic" Haruko
Cook, University of Hawaii at Manoa

3:15 Break

 Susumu Kuno / Soo-Yeon Kim, Harvard University
 "Crossover Phenomena in Japanese and Korean"

4:30 Break

4:45 "Infixal Reduplication in Korean Ideophones"
Stuart Davis / Jin-Seong Lee, Indiana University

5:15 "Phrasal Contour Tones in the North Kyungsang
Dialect of Korean"
 No-Ju Kim, Ohio State University

5:45 "Prosodic Constituent Formation in Japanese
 Eunjoo Han, Stanford University

6:40-8:30 Reception (on campus--location to be

Saturday, October 16

9:00 Panel II: Conversation (Discussant to be announced)

"A Comparative Study of Repair in English and Japanese
 Makoto Hayashi, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Functions of the Connective datte in Japanese Conversation"
 Junko Mori, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"An Interactional Account of nikka in Korean Conversation"
 Kyu-hyun Kim / Kyung-Hee Suh, UC Irvine

10:35 Break

 Masayoshi Shibatani, Kobe University
 "Benefactive Case and its Theoretical Implications"

11:45 Lunch Break

1:00 "Dynamicity as a Parameter: A Comparative Study of
Durative Constructions in Korean and Japanese"
 Hyo Sang Lee, Indiana University

1:30 "An Analysis of Interactional Modals in Korean and
Japanese -canhay(yo) and janai"
 Yumiko Kawanishi, UCLA

2:00 "Speaker's Subjectivity and the Use of shimau in
Japanese Spoken Narratives"
 Eri Yoshida, UCLA

2:30 Break

2:40 "Neutralization and Tensification in Korean"
 Sechang Lee, USC

3:10 "The Specification of [coronal] in Korean"
 Hyunsoon Kim, Cornell University

3:40 "Vowel Harmony in Korean: A Grounded Phonology
 Mi-Hui Cho, Indiana University

4:10 Break

4:20 "Structure of Scope Ambiguity in Korean/Japanese
Psych Constructions"
 Jong-Bok Kim, Stanford University

4:50 "Japanese Common Nouns and their Unquantificational
 Hisako Takano, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

5:20 Break

5:25 "On the Tense System of Japanese"
 Akira Nakamura, UCLA

5:55 "Different Semantics for Different Syntax: Relative
Clauses in Korean"
 Jae-Hak Yoon, Ohio State University

Sunday, October 17

9:00 "Constraints on A-movement, NPI Licensing and the Checking
 Rhanghyeyun K. Lee, University of Connecticut

9:30 "Case, Theta-Role, and Subjectivization in Chinese,
Japanese and Korean"
 Chioko Takahashi, Cornell University

10:00 "Adversity and Retained Object Passive Constructions"
 Kyunghwan Kim, University of Chicago

10:30 Break

10:40 Panel III: Grammaticization (Discussant to be

"Negative Conditionality: The Case of the Japanese -tewa and
the Korean -taka"
 Noriko Akatsuka / Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA

"A Cross Linguistic Analysis of Japanese, Korean, and
 Susan Strauss, UCLA

"Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Complex Predicates in
Korean and Japanese"
 Insun Park / Carl Falsgraf, University of Oregon

12:15 Break

1:30 "The Conceptualization of Rounded Dimension in
Korean: A Semantic Analysis of 'kwulk-', 'kanul-', and 'cal-'"
 Okja Lee, Ball State University

2:00 "On the Acquisition of Japanese Demonstratives by
Korean Speakers"
 Kumiko Sakoda, Hiroshima University

2:30 Break

2:35 "Adverbial and Adnominal Modification in Old
 Peter Hendriks, University of Wisconsin-Madison

3:05 "On Martin's Palatalization Hypothesis of wa and the
Modern Korean ya"
 Alan Hyun-Oak Kim, Southern Illinois University

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