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  1. BU Conference on Language Development, Boston University Conference on Language Development

Message 1: Boston University Conference on Language Development

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 93 15:52:57 -0Boston University Conference on Language Development
From: BU Conference on Language Development <>
Subject: Boston University Conference on Language Development


 will be meeting jointly this year with the Linguistic Society of
 America, January 7-9, 1994, at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston.

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For additional information and registration materials, please contact the LSA:

 Linguistic Society of America
 1325 18th St., Suite 211
 Washington, DC 20036-6501

The tentative program for the BU Conference is provided below.

We expect that the next regular autumn meeting of the BU Conference
will be held at Boston University, November 4-6, 1994.



 January 7-8, 1994


9:00-9:30 Jane Grimshaw, English Speakers as Lexical Bilinguals

9:30-10:00 Janet Randall, Angeliek van Hout & Jurgen Weissenborn,
 Approaching Linking

10:00-10:30 Cheryl Fantuzzi, The Acquisition of Aspect and
 Argument Structure

10:45-11:15 Luigi Rizzi, Root Infinitives as Truncated Structures
 in Early Grammars

11:15-11:45 Lynn Santelmann, Early Wh-Questions: Evidence for CP
 from Child Swedish

11:45-12:15 Monica Malamud-Makowski, The Structure of IP: Evidence
 from Acquisition Data

1:45-2:15 Nathalie Grondin & Lydia White, Functional Categories
 in Child L2 Acquisition of French

2:15-2:45 Samuel D. Epstein, Suzanne Flynn & Gita
 Martohardjono, Contrasts and Similarities in Child and
 Adult SLA: Some Evidence from the Acquisition of
 Functional Categories

3:00-3:30 William Philip & Maaike Verrips, Dutch Preschoolers' Elke

3:30-4:00 Carol Morgan, From Quantity to Quantifier: Strategies
 for Interpreting Personal Indefinite Pronouns

4:00-4:30 Carrie O'Leary & Stephen Crain, Negative Polarity (a
 positive result) and Positive Polarity (a negative

4:45-5:15 Helen Smith Cairns, Dana McDaniel, Dahlia Konstantyn,
 Jennifer Ryan Hsu & Sandra Parsons, The Pronoun Coreference
 Requirement: Grammar or Pragmatics?

5:15-5:45 Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir & Peter Coopmans, The
 Acquisition of Anaphors and Pronouns in Dutch

8:00-8:30 Nina Hyams, Kyle Johnson, David Poeppel, Jeannette
 Schaeffer & Ken Wexler, The Acquisition of the
 Germanic Verb Particle Construction

8:30-9:00 Zvi Penner & Tom Roeper, The Emergence of Idiomatic
 Reading and the Acquisition of Complement Clause Placement

9:10-9:40 David LeBlanc, An Activation Model of Parameter

9:40-10:10 Philip Resnik, Selectional Relationships and Verb
 Acquisition: A Computational Model



9:00-9:30 Matthew Rispoli, Paradigms and Pronoun Case Errors

9:30-10:00 John Grinstead, Consequences of the Maturation of
 Number Morphology in Spanish and Catalan

10:00-10:30 Anjum Pervez Saleemi, Derivational Constraints in
 Early Urdu Syntax

10:45-11:15 Clara C. Levelt, How does Place Fall into Place?

11:15-11:45 Judith A. Gierut, Laryngeal-Supralaryngeal Cyclicity
 in Acquisition

11:45-12:15 Paula Fikkert, The Acquisition of Dutch Syllable
 Structure with Special Reference to Vowel Length

1:45-2:15 William E. Merriman & John Marazita, The Effect of
 Processing Similar-Sounding Words on Two-Year-Olds'
 Fast Mapping

2:15-2:45 Rushen Shi, James Morgan & Paul Allopenna, Mandarin
 Input Characteristics and Grammatical Category

3:00-3:30 Anne Fernald, Infants' Sensitivity to Word Order

3:30-4:00 Denise Mandel, Peter W. Jusczyk & Deborah Kemler
 Nelson, Does Sentential Prosody Help Infants Organize
 and Remember Speech Information: A Prosodic Whole is
 Better than Two Parts

4:00-4:30 Gerald W. McRoberts, Prosodic Bootstrapping: A
 Critique of the Argument and the Evidence

4:45-5:15 Letitia Naigles, Using Multiple Frames to Bootstrap

5:15-5:45 Sandeep Prasada, Children's Use of Structural Cues in
 Learning Adjective Meanings

8:00-8:30 Heather K.J. van der Lely, Binding Theory and
 Specifically Language Impaired Children: No Knowledge
 and No Obedience?

8:30-9:00 Harald Clahsen, Detlef Hansen & Monika Rothweiler, The
 Missing Agreement Account of SLI: New Evidence from
 Longitudinal Studies and Therapy Experiments

9:10-9:40 Karin Stromswold, Language Comprehension without
 Production: Implications for Theories of Language

9:40-10:10 Hilary Sara Bromberg, Michael Ullman, Gary Marcus,
 Kara B. Kelley & Karen Levine, A Dissociation of
 Memory and Grammar: Evidence from Williams Syndrome



9:00-9:30 Masahiko Minami, Long Conversational Turns or Frequent
 Turn Exchanges: Cross-Cultural Comparison of Parental
 Narrative Elicitation

9:30-10:00 Ruth A. Berman, Narrative Theory and Narrative

10:15-10:45 Ken Drozd, A Discourse Analysis of Child English 'No'

10:45-11:15 Marina L. McIntire & Judy S. Reilly, Two Forms of
 Negation--or NOT

11:30-12:00 Heike Behrens, The Acquisition of Present Tense: a
 Semantic Problem?

12:00-12:30 Astrid Ferdinand, The Development of the Verbal System
 in French Child Language

3:30-4:00 Edward T. Kako, Novelty in Word and Deed: Children
 Assign New Verbs to Unfamiliar Actions

4:00-4:30 Melissa Bowerman & Soonja Choi, Linguistic and
 Nonlinguistic Determinants of Spatial Semantic
 Development: A Crosslinguistic Study of English,
 Korean, and Dutch

4:45-5:15 Tove Klausen, Language Mixing Reconsidered

5:15-5:45 Barbara Zurer Pearson & Sylvie C. Fernandez,
 Cross-language Synonyms in Early Bilingual Lexicons:
 One Language or Two?

5:45-6:15 Heather Bortfeld & Susan E. Brennan, Lexical Choice
 and Vocabulary Acquisition during Conversations
 between Native and Non-Native Speakers



9:00-9:30 Cindy Brown, The Role of the L1 Grammar in the L2
 Acquisition of Segmental Structure

9:30-10:00 Barbara Hancin-Bhatt, Feature Competition and L2

10:15-10:45 Suzi Fukuda & Shinji Fukuda, To Voice or Not to Voice:
 Rendaku in the Japanese Developmentally Language

10:45-11:15 Mary W. Salus, Hyperlexia: Four Case Studies

11:30-12:00 Donald Shankweiler & Leonard Katz, Dissociation of
 Phonological and Syntactic Abilities in Children with
 Reading Disability

12:00-12:30 Maryanne Wolf & Claudia Pfeil, A Neurolinguistic
 Investigation of Reading Development and Deficits in
 German Children: Evidence Towards a More Universal
 Theory of Dyslexia

3:30-4:00 Suzanne W.B. Luderus, Language Loss in Bilingual
 Alzheimer Patients

4:00-4:30 Ruth C. Loew, Judy Kegl & Howard Poizner, Components
 of Role Play: Evidence from Deficits in a Right
 Hemisphere Damaged Signer

4:45-5:15 Rachel Mayberry & Rosylin Groschler, The Critical
 Period is Most Critical for First Language
 Acquisition: Evidence from American Sign Language

5:15-5:45 Karen Emmorey, Bonita Ewan & Rain Grant, A New Case of
 Linguistic Isolation: Preliminary Report

5:45-6:15 Patricia Siple, E. Daylene Richmond-Welty, Jerome N.
 Howe, Paula Berwanger & Jarrod E. Jasper, Gaze, Joint
 Attention and Interaction in Twins with Deaf Parents
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