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  1. William J. Rapaport, First Int'l Summer Inst. in Cog. Sci: REGISTRATION BROCHURE

Message 1: First Int'l Summer Inst. in Cog. Sci: REGISTRATION BROCHURE

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 93 16:52:29 EDFirst Int'l Summer Inst. in Cog. Sci: REGISTRATION BROCHURE
From: William J. Rapaport <rapaportcs.Buffalo.EDU>
Subject: First Int'l Summer Inst. in Cog. Sci: REGISTRATION BROCHURE


 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Cognitive Science

 Center for Cognitive Science
 State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo NY, USA
 (Amherst Campus)

 JULY 5 - 30, 1994

 Endorsing Organizations Include:

 American Association for Artificial Intelligence
 Cognitive Science Society
 Linguistic Society of America
 Society for Machines and Mentality
 European Coordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence
 European Society for Analytic Philosophy

 The Center for Cognitive Science at State University of New York at
 Buffalo invites you to attend the First International Summer Institute
 in Cognitive Science, to be held July 5 - 30, 1994.

 The first 3 weeks of the Institute will feature courses at basic and
 advanced levels in constituent disciplines of cognitive science. Parti-
 cipants may enroll in the courses for academic credit. Each course will`
 meet for a total of 15 hours and will carry 1 semester unit of credit.
 During the four weeks, there will be a speaker series featuring some of
 the most prominent scholars in the cognitive science disciplines. The
 fourth week will be devoted to special workshops, seminars, and symposia.
 July 5 is reserved for a welcoming reception and registration.

 Participants will include graduate and undergraduate students, faculty
 associates, and researchers from business, industry, and government from
 the USA and around the world. The Institute has received hundreds of
 requests for registration applications. Thus, to ensure a space at the
 Institute, please register early. Only registered participants will
 have access to Institute events. Information on off-campus housing,
 childcare, and cultural activities will be sent to all registrants.

 Those interested in exhibiting books, software, and related products and
 technologies, please contact Dr. Valerie Shalin, Institute Exhibits Manager.

 To register, send Forms A through C (and Form D if applicable) to:

 Office of Conferences and Special Events
 Room 120, Center for Tomorrow
 University at Buffalo
 Buffalo, NY 14260-1602

 Telephone: (716) 645-2018
 Fax: (716) 645-3869

 A printed copy of this brochure, complete with registration forms, may be
obtained from FISI-CS at the address above.


 [c] = coordinator

 .01 Anthropology of Knowledge Systems Janet Keller
 .02 Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Vision Aaron Bobick
 .03 Cognitive Development Alison Gopnik
 and Frank Keil
 .04 Cognition and Culture Naomi Quinn
 and Claudia Strauss
 .05 Connectionism David Rumelhart
 and Paul Smolensky
 .06 Epistemology Peter Hare
 .07 Foundations of Cognitive Science Barry Smith
 .08 Geographic Organization of Space David Mark
 .09 Inference in Conversation, Discourse, David Zubin
 and Narrative
 .10 Introduction to Anthropological Study Barbara Tedlock
 of Cognition and Donald Pollock
 .11 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence William J. Rapaport [c]
 .12 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience David Shucard [c]
 .13 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Erwin Segal [c]
 .14 Introduction to Linguistics in Matthew Dryer [c]
 Cognitive Science
 .15 Introduction to Philosophy for William J. Rapaport [c]
 Cognitive Science
 .16 Knowledge of Language: Semantics David Wilkins
 .17 Knowledge of Language: Syntax Robert Van Valin
 .18 Knowledge Representation Joao Martins
 .19 Language and Conceptual Structure Leonard Talmy
 .20 Language and the Brain Nina Dronkers
 and Eran Zaidel
 .21 Language Disorders Judith Duchan
 .22 First Language Acquisition Eve Clark
 .23 Logic John Kearns
 .24 Natural-Language Understanding Graeme Hirst
 .25 Neurological Development David Shucard
 .26 Neuropsychology of Vision K. Nicholas Leibovic
 .27 Perception and Production of Spoken Language Peter Jusczyk [c]
 .28 Philosophy of Perception Roberto Casati
 .29 Primate Cognition Michael Tomasello
 .30 Psychology of Language Use Herb Clark
 .31 Psychology of Perception Lynn Cooper
 and Steve Palmer
 .32 Psychology of Problem Solving Erwin Segal
 .33 Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence Stuart C. Shapiro
 .34 Spatial Cognition Annette Herskovits
 .35 Speech Errors and Language Processing Jeri Jaeger


 Evolution of Cognition
 The SNePS Knowledge Representation and Reasoning System
 Narrative and Deixis
 Ontology of Space and Time
 Bilingualism and Cognition
 Applied Cognitive Science: Cognitive Science in the Workplace


 Thomas G. Bever University of Rochester
 Antonio Damasio (tentative) University of Iowa
 Gilles Fauconnier University of California, San Diego
 Jerry Feldman International Computer Science Institute
 Janet Dean Fodor City University of New York Graduate Center
 Jerry Fodor Rutgers University
 Dedre Gentner Northwestern University
 Geoffrey Hinton University of Toronto, Canada
 Ed Hutchins University of California, San Diego
 Ray Jackendoff Brandeis University
 Michael Jordan MIT
 Annette Karmiloff-Smith University of London, UK
 Stephen M. Kosslyn Harvard University
 George Lakoff University of California, Berkeley
 Jean Petitot CREA, Paris
 Eleanor Rosch University of California, Berkeley
 John Searle University of California, Berkeley
 Michael Silverstein University of Chicago
 Brian Cantwell Smith Xerox PARC
 Paul Smolensky University of Colorado, Boulder
 David Waltz NEC Research Institute, Princeton
 Sandra Witelson McMaster University, Canada


 Aaron Bobick MIT
 Roberto Casati Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland
 Eve Clark Stanford University
 Herb Clark Stanford University
 Lynn Cooper Columbia University
 Nina Dronkers VAMC, Martinez, CA, & University of California, Davis
 Alison Gopnik University of California, Berkeley
 Annette Herskovits Wellesley College
 Graeme Hirst University of Toronto, Canada
 Frank Keil Cornell University
 Janet Keller University of Illinois
 Joao Martins Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal
 Steve Palmer University of California, Berkeley
 Naomi Quinn Duke University
 David Rumelhart Stanford University
 Paul Smolensky University of Colorado, Boulder
 Claudia Strauss Duke University
 Mike Tomasello Emory University
 Eran Zaidel University of California, Los Angeles

 University at Buffalo Faculty

 Matthew Dryer Erwin Segal
 Judith Duchan Stuart C. Shapiro
 Peter Hare David Shucard
 Jeri Jaeger Barry Smith
 Peter Jusczyk Leonard Talmy
 John Kearns Barbara Tedlock
 K. Nicholas Leibovic Robert Van Valin
 David Mark David Wilkins
 William J. Rapaport David Zubin


 In order to more fully illustrate the variety of topics and methods in
 Cognitive Science, participants are invited to submit papers for a
 series of Participant Symposia to be held during the Institute.
 Interested participants should submit a manuscript of up to 2000 words,
 accompanied by an abstract to:

 FISI-CS Participant Symposia
 Office of Conferences and Special Events
 Room 120, Center for Tomorrow
 University at Buffalo
 Buffalo, NY 14260-1602

 The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is January 31, 1994. Only papers
 received by this date can be considered for acceptance and will be refereed.

 Authors of papers submitted for presentation will be informed before
 March 30, 1994, of the decision by the refereeing committee as to their
 acceptance. Authors may request early confirmation if needed. Confir-
 mation may also be provided in the form of an official invitation if
 this is required by participants to obtain travel funds from their home

 Authors of accepted papers will be required to submit a camera-ready copy
 of the final version of their paper, upon notice of acceptance.


 Deadline for Advance Registration: April 30, 1994

 Deadline for Financial Aid Form (FORM D): January 31, 1994

 Deadline for Participant Symposia Manuscripts: January 31, 1994

 ************* END OF BROCHURE *************
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