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Sun 07 Feb 1993

FYI: How to ftp

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  1. Scott C DeLancey, Re: 4.59 Qs: FTP

Message 1: Re: 4.59 Qs: FTP

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1993 09:20:58 -Re: 4.59 Qs: FTP
From: Scott C DeLancey <>
Subject: Re: 4.59 Qs: FTP

> From: no chive <>
> Subject: Re: 4.52 Announcing
> I think it's terrific that there will be a linguist archive at U. of Mich.
> I have a modest request. Linguist requires only that one knowo how to use
> e-mail. For the uninitiated, however, ftp is an undiscovered country.
> Could someone post an ftp primer? Thanks, sheepishly.
> Susan Fischer

Here's how it works. When you're logged into ritvax (which I assume
is what you do to use e-mail) enter:


You'll probably get a prompt that says "login:"; enter:


Possibly the first prompt you get will not be "login:", but something
like LINGUISTICS.ARCHIVE.UMICH.EDU>, in which case enter:

login anonymous

You'll now get a prompt for "password"; enter your e-mail address.
Now you can browse the files. Enter cd linguistics (cd = "change
directory"). The command "dir" gives you a directory. You'll get
a list. The left-hand column of the list is a bunch of letters and
dashes; all you need to know is that if a line starts with a dash,
that entry is a file which you can get; if it starts with a d, that
line is a directory. You can cd into those subdirectories, or look
at them with dir.
 When you find a file that you want, enter:

get <filename>

and the file will be copied to your account on ritvax. To finish
a session enter:


Hope this helps.

Scott DeLancey
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