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Mon 11 Oct 1993

FYI: Email address, CloZed captions

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  1. "Wiktor Gonet", Re: E-mail address
  2. mark, Closed captions for movie theaters?

Message 1: Re: E-mail address

Date: 10 Oct 93 03:13:25 +0100
From: "Wiktor Gonet" <>
Subject: Re: E-mail address

> I am looking for a working e-mail address at the American University
> in Bulgaria. I now have the following: <name> and it gets
> returned. The Internet "whois" server says that this site exists
> but doesn't run under its name and no aliases are known. Can anybody
> clear this?

Despite what the REMINDER says, I am posting this to the list, as more
people might have similar problems; and one cannot condense it more,

(1) is a domain address, not a host address;

(2) there are three types of records describing each domain:
 (a) an "A" (address) record that defines the address
 that is used for telneting, etc.;
 (b) an "MX" (mail exchanger) record defining the e-mail address
 for that domain;
 (c) a "TXT" information

 While (a) and (b) contain information for computers, (c) is for a
 human explorer.

(3) in this case, my nslookup says that the records for are
 as follows (slightly edited):

 host -a
 rcode = 0> (Success), ancount=3 344464 TXT American University in Bulgaria 344464 MX 100 344464 MX 200

 which means that American University in Bulgaria is in this
 domailn (cf. the TXT message), and in this domain there are no
 hosts that are accessible from the outside, as there is no
 address defined for in the record. The record gives only
 addresses for the MX, in two forms: letter and inet (numeric);

(4) if someone sends an e-mail to, it first reaches the mail
 exchanger which forwards mail from there to; if is down, then mail goes to a second
 preference mail exchanger;

(5) from the information Greg has sent, it is not clear where his e-
 mails bounce: it can happen in three places:
 (a) on,
 (b) between and, or
 (c) at itself.
 If the user id is incorrect, you will have case (c), your e-mail
 would then be returned to, and from there to the
 sender, with appropriate comment.

(6) if I had the header of the bounced mail, I could determine then
 where exactly it bounced;

(7) to obtain further information pertaining to this query, one should
 write to:

Good luck

Wiktor Gonet

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Message 2: Closed captions for movie theaters?

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 93 11:35:40 ESClosed captions for movie theaters?
From: mark <>
Subject: Closed captions for movie theaters?

 ======== Crossposted message follows ========


The recently developed cloZed captions technology for use in movie theaters,
conventions, schools, college lectures, and public meetings is nearly ready to

Like closed captions on television, cloZed captions would be invisible to the
general audience. Deaf and hard of hearing people would be able to wear
special glasses to see the captions in the movie theater. Cheap glasses would
be free at movie theaters. More comfortable glasses would be for sale for less
than $5. Clip-ons would be available for people who wear perscription glasses.

Movie theaters want to know if deaf and hard of hearing people want cloZed
captions. Do you want cloZed captions? Do you want cloZed captions even if an
audio loop system is available to you (which permits you to set your hearing
aid on "T" to block out background noise)?

Please write a letter to the address below. Your letter will be shared with
movie theater chains.

Write to:
 CloZed Captions, Inc.
 56 Woodland Road
 Roslyn, NY 11576

For more information on cloZed caption technology, write to the above address,
or call (516) 627-7730 (voice).

For more information on Caption Action, contact Andrea Shettle at:


CloZed Captions, Inc. was founded by Marcia Zola, who is herself hearing
impaired. *disclaimer*: I use Zola's own term to describe her. My use of the
term "hearing impaired" does not indicate an aversion to the term deaf or the
term hard of hearing. I use this term because I believe in each person's right
to define his or her own identity.

Caption Action is a grassroots advocacy organization. Caption Action was co-
founded by Andrea Shettle and Stuart Gopen in the summer of 1989 to encourage
videotape companies to put closed captions on more videotapes. Thanks to the
enthusiastic assistance of Jamie Berke, who joined Caption Action a few months
after it was founded, Caption Action raised hundreds of letters and over
65,000 petition signatures by December, 1990. The current CloZed Captions
effort is Caption Action's latest campaign. Offers of assistance, particularly
in contacting publications and other routes of publicity off the net, are
gratefully accepted: E-Mail me at

This notice may be crossposted, E-Mailed, and otherwise redistributed at will
anywhere on or off the net. In fact, you are ENCOURAGED to do so. Caption
Action's success in the past was primarily due to the efforts of over a
thousand people across the United States and Canada who collected signatures,
wrote letters, and encouraged their friends to do the same thing. And that was
almost entirely without the help of the net!

 Aaron J. Gorelick
U.S. Snail Mail .... / | Voice Phone (716) 475-2895
National Technical Institute for the Deaf | Baudot TTY (716) 475-2895
 at the Rochester Institute of Technology | FAX (716) 475-7526
97 Hugh L. Carey Building | BITNET: AJGDISRITVAX
Rochester, NY 14623-5603 | Internet:

 ======== End of crosspost ========

I received this posting over the SLLING-L list (sign language linguistics
list). I am cross-posting it with slight editing: removing paragraphs more
appropriate to the Deaf community than the linguistic one and reformatting for
narrower margins.

 Mark A. Mandel
 Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200
 320 Nevada St. : Newton, Mass. 02160, USA :
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