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Mon 11 Oct 1993

Books: grammar, linguistic theory, semantics

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  1. I, grammar, linguistic theory, semantics

Message 1: grammar, linguistic theory, semantics

Date: Mon 11 Oct 1993
From: I <>
Subject: grammar, linguistic theory, semantics


 John Benjamins 1993
 xii,301pp.+index;350pp.+index Grammar, English, Textbook
 I:HB US:1 55619 457 9/EUR:90 272 2098 0 US$59.00/Hfl.100,--
 I:PB US:1 55619 464 1/EUR:90 272 2115 4 US$24.95/Hfl.50,--
 II:HB:US:1 55619 458 7/EUR:90 272 2099 9 US$59.00/Hfl.100,--
 II:PB:US:1 55619 465 X/EUR:90 272 2116 2 US$24.95/Hfl.50,--
The approach to language and grammar that motivates this book is
unabashedly functional: Grammar is not just a system of empty rules, it
is a means to an end, an instrument for constructing concise, coherent
communication. This book is intended for both researchers and teachers
for both native and nonnative speakers.


Hualde, Jose Ignacio & Jon Ortiz De Urbina (eds.) GENERATIVE STUDIES
 John Benjamins 1993 vi, 334 pp. Linguistic Theory,Basque
 Cloth US:1 55619 559 1/EUR:90 272 3607 0 US$85.00/Hfl.,--
Presents a collection of articles which are representative of current
work being done on Basque from a generative perspective. Most of the
major issues in Basque Syntax, Morphology and Phonology are examined in
this book and the implications of the Basque data for theories of
universal grammar are made explicit.


Pustejovsky, James; Brandeis Un; Semantics and the Lexicon; 416 pp.
 PB 0-7923-2386-6; Kluwer Academic, Email
This book integrates the research being carried out in the field of lexical
semantics in linguistics with the work on knowledge representation and
lexicon design in computational linguistics. It provides a stimulating and
unique discussion between the computational perspective of lexical meaning
and the concerns of the linguist for the semantic description of lexical
items in the context of syntactic descriptions.

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