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Tue 12 Oct 1993

Sum: Computational programs, Native American/Oral tradition

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  1. "Pete Schult", Computational Linguistics Programs Summary
  2. Alan Munn, Summary: Native American Linguistics/Oral Tradition

Message 1: Computational Linguistics Programs Summary

Date: Thu, 7 Oct 93 14:59:59 -05Computational Linguistics Programs Summary
From: "Pete Schult" <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics Programs Summary

Several people responded to my inquiry on whether there was an up-to-date
list of computational linguistics programs and CL tracks within linguistics
programs. They informed me that the Association for Computational
Linguistics has updated the 1986 edition. A supplement dealing with
programs came out in 1992 and one dealing with courses is due this Autumn.
Both can be ordered from the Association, and an order form/membership
application is available from the ACL LISTSERV facility:
With the subject field empty, specify
 get acl-l membership-form.txt

Judith Klavans also mentioned that there will be a workshop at the 1994 LSA
Meeting on "Perspectives in Computational Linguistics" which will survey the
field and examine computational syntax, phonology, morphology, and so on.

I wish to thank Michael Gasser, Hyouk-Keun, Judith Klavans, Alice
Kloosterhuis, Alan Munn, Duane Norton, David Powers, Dragomir Radev,
William Rapaport, Ron Reck, Martin Volk, and Donald Walker for the
information they supplied on this question.

Pete Schult
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
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Message 2: Summary: Native American Linguistics/Oral Tradition

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 93 14:34:09 -0Summary: Native American Linguistics/Oral Tradition
From: Alan Munn <>
Subject: Summary: Native American Linguistics/Oral Tradition

A few weeks ago I posted a query for a student who was interested in
graduate programs in Native American languages/linguistics/oral
tradition. Thanks to all who responded: Dan Everett, Mark Picone,
Taylor Roberts, Tony Woodbury, Victor Golla, Andy Barss, Alice
Davison, Anne Gilman, Bob Howren, Frances Ingemann, Dawn Bates, J. D.
Nichols, Craig Kopris, David Rood and Louanna Furbee.

A summary of what I received is found below. I have included as much
information as was supplied to me by the various people, excluding the
more editorial comments. As a result, some places are well described
and others are merely mentioned by name with no details whatsoever.

If your department is not mentioned, and you feel it should be, or you
are mentioned with not enough details (many of the suggestions I
received weren't submitted by the actual departments), I would be
willing to post an updated summary *once* based on replies received by
1 November 1993. After that I can post a copy of it to the server and
the UMich archive, but I do not offer to maintain it.

Alan Munn <>
Dept. of English, U. Missouri, Columbia MO 65211 NeXTmail accepted
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